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  1. Give what I can, horrible thing to happen to anyone never mind a kid.
  2. sniff somewhere else bud, the story is about a tim who tried to put £100 on the earth being flat. Frankly I thought it would fit in quite nicely to this thread
  3. I have absolute proof that conspiracy theories are for bheasts...... hope nobody minds me linking this but I havent seen it mentioned https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/701625/flat-earth-bet-planet-disc-shaped-conspiracy-nasa-grimsby-uk-news
  4. oh well if you think I'm talking shite........
  5. Sheltered? I wish. But through work I've seen first hand how badly some young folk can be affected by social media. I've known kids that have committed suicide because they were so badly affected by what they percieve as abuse online. Trust me, I wouldn't normally give a shit what you say if it wasn't something that I thought was pretty important nowadays. Maybe you have a bit of a sheltered life though, if you don't understand how important social media is in young peoples lives nowadays. Things that might not bother you or me can devastate someone around that age. And no, what you should take from that is that I'm not going to go back through the thread cherrypicking parts that suit me. Frankly, thats Timmy behaviour. Are you really saying you don't think online forums, twitter and Facebook have no affect on a players mental health? Do you think players don't check online to see what fans think of them? Aldi rocks, who knew!
  6. You just said it yourself, a forum is for reasoning, debating etc. Unfortunately you don't seem capable of reasonable debate, So no matter what I say, you will always consider yourself right. Of course nerves were going to affect him, whether you consider him a man or not is irrelevant. How many times have we spoken about the occasion getting the better of players far more experienced than him? Even after playing in Italy, the Euros and the World cup, Gascoigne had to have a double before his first old firm game. To say nerves shouldn't affect a player is the dumbest thing I've heard in weeks. He might be a pro footballer but he IS young, not used to a full Ibrox and played less than the equivalent of 10 hours of football for Rangers. Playing at Ibrox is a big step up from what he was used to. I'm going to show you a little more respect than you seem to show anyone else and assume you don't work stacking shelves at Aldi. Were you able to do your job perfectly after 10 hours? Mind you didn't have 50k people watching you either. My post originally didn't single you out, I merely suggested that rather than fans calling him shite they considered how they were talking about him. He is one of our own after all. Its really not difficult to understand, unless your angry all the time I suppose
  7. Do you know anything about how important social media is for kids? And your own argument is dumb, the entire point most people made here is that he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, i.e nervous, so aye, he was affected by the 50k fans. Honestly, try to understand someones point before calling them daft, you just make yourself look like a complete moron, and if you can't see that then you really aren't anywhere near as clever as you think.
  8. Nah I wouldn't worry about changing your posts, you seem like an angry bastard who doesn't like anyone.
  9. Maybe he is nervous, but he is still young. What happens to his nerves if he comes on here for a nosy and sees page after page of fans calling him shite? He's played less than 10 games with us, and most of them were in a team full of players who really weren't Rangers class. He has a chance to learn from big Bruno now and if he does have potential we might start to see it more over the next season if he gets more game time.
  10. I dont want to go into too much detail but i lost my brother 12 years ago in a similar manner, its unreal how damaging the effects can be on a family for years afterwards and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. As messed up as this forum can be sometimes, nothing makes me prouder than seeing our fans come out in support of people when they need it the most. I might not post much but sometimes we need reminding of just how much of a difference we can make when we work together to help someone in need.
  11. Give what i can at the weekend
  12. Spot on. Starting to think Pedro was one of those guys that blags his way into a position at your work, but everyone can tell on day one he's out of his depth. your customers can tell, other staff can tell but management have their heads so far in the sand that it takes too long to get rid of the guy and some real damage can be done. Only difference here is we could end up having another season like this one if we take too long to make that decision. And no, I never played Football manager
  13. Really though, you would think someone at the sun would have told Bill not to mention boycotts, ever, under any circumstances. Arent they the most boycotted paper in europe? While we are at it Bill, the reason youre writing about Rangers and not your own diddy team is that nobody cares what happens at those clubs. Even their own fans. And 40 million for Dembele, dont fucking think so buddy, he'll be sold for peanuts the second he starts moping around and dropping hints in the press that he wants to try the english leagues, dont care how many goals he scored. My nephew got a ton of goals in a shit league aswell, does that mean he's worth 40 million? his community service officer would beg to differ
  14. Thanks guys, just glad I joined when I did. Wish their was more I could do to help the wee man, I think some of the people in charge of our country really need to take a look at themselves if they can let this wee boy and his family go through this without offering more help.
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