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  1. The diving incident was bizzare thought a striker instinct would be to score rather than con a penalty don't know how many times he was caught offside but I guess he just wasn't up to speed. He was absolutely knackered around the 60 min mark .Why didn't Gerrard take him off should be more questionable.
  2. loyal


    Gerrard needs to respond quicker with his substitutions. sadiq was fucked around about 60 min can't blame him given the amount of game time he's had .can't understand even without a recognised striker on the bench what is the point of still having a player on the pitch that became ineffective. Generally we played well thought we would still beat a pish Aberdeen side but without morelos and lafferty we were toothless and inept with ideas up front.
  3. I wonder if this fucking mob remember to do their Visa applications
  4. mcCoist always evokes some of the best memories for me but he was no fuckin good as a manager or at his present job a pundit sometimes wish he'd had quietly vanished when he was on gardening leave
  5. A week's as they say is a long time in football .think many fans would still have the Livingston performance in their heads when we lost the ball a few times early on its a normal reaction as here we go again type of thing. we need to be more consistent the performance last night can't look at any player and think he didn't do us proud. why did we play so badly against Livingston wasn't just down to just to the formation or the pitch the performances were completely different last night with the energy levels of the players
  6. We should buy that Livingston back 4 in the January window
  7. the ball just fucking sticks in this mess of a pitch just has no fucking pace when played along the surface needs just to play direct route on occasions and look for lafferty
  8. He's probably been responsible for a lot of goals we conceded hopefully McAlister will work on his defensive faults if he improves on that he could be top notch
  9. Recent signings of Players coming towards their end of their careers like krancjer Barton senderos have been dog shit think of only Clint hill that worked out .
  10. Anybody that's experience a long haul flight will know how much it fucks you . having to play a competitive match 3 days later completely running on empty on sunday . just a blip ffs you could see against Motherwell the 7 games in Europe were taking they're toll even before the flight to russia out of the 48 teams played in round 1 only Rangers qualified . expect us to regroup and push on after the international break really think we will see considerable improvement in performances with some blips but i really believe we can mount a serious challenge.
  11. the amount of Shit player's the bread man and Pedro had accumulated over time it is a miracle that Gerald has performed in just one window the change of personal is staggering. is it just tavs and fods that are left from Warburton's time excluding loaned out players
  12. He's shown incredible strength of character over the last few years. He must have been aware sometimes of the shit thrown he's way regardless of it being merited. Most players would seek a different challenge but fair play he's stuck at it. Now seeing under Gerald some vastly improved performances has become a very useful utility player .
  13. loyal


    There was a YouTube video of Rob Kiernan I watched he looked like John Terry in his prime ?
  14. Mccallister needs to work with Tavernier get him to improve on his marking and defensive duties especially at set pieces. teams already know they can exploit he's lapses but I don't think he should play in midfield even with 5 just hasn't got the engine of a midfield player okay bombing forward playing at r/b but that's only sporadically but he looked absolutely fucked yesterday that the injury time goal was partly he probably switched off through being fucked .
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