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    Gerrard needs to respond quicker with his substitutions. sadiq was fucked around about 60 min can't blame him given the amount of game time he's had .can't understand even without a recognised striker on the bench what is the point of still having a player on the pitch that became ineffective. Generally we played well thought we would still beat a pish Aberdeen side but without morelos and lafferty we were toothless and inept with ideas up front.
  2. the ball just fucking sticks in this mess of a pitch just has no fucking pace when played along the surface needs just to play direct route on occasions and look for lafferty
  3. http://cricfree.top/soccer/celtic-vs-Rangers-cfr9ffjd?l=1394277781
  4. how important was it to buy lafferty with morelos unpredictability
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g77Z_-Bf0XE me too fuckin raging this will help
  6. only team from all the first round of entrants that could reach the group stage 48 fuckin team impressive
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g77Z_-Bf0XE rtv not working
  8. Obviously the crazy bastards didn't watch the match on Sunday or if they did they might be taken the pish . I would seriously sell tav's if it could fund an upgrade right back because I feel he's going to cost us this season
  9. For what Tavernier gives going forward he's defensive lapses far out weigh his strengths. If you can't do your primary job effective than get someone in that will .also what the fuck happened to goldson today can excuse the slip but his passing was putting all the defence under pressure
  11. Such a huge week I'm be tempted to rest candelas these bastards will for sure target him lafferty and Middleton will be more than enough against these hammer throwers .maybe give the giraffe a run out if we are on top with 20 min to go .
  12. I thought we were outstanding last night .probably the way we played was more to do with the opposition being so negative they came for a nil-nil .ufa don't concede many but don't score many either .pretty confident we can score in Russia apart from the moment just after we scored they had that chance they posed very little threat I expect they'll throw the kitchen sink at us next week which will allow them to be more open just really pleased we didn't concede an away goal .
  13. I was in the club shop a few days ago asking when the new tops will be available the lass in there had about as much idea as I had . If Hummel can't meet the demands for forest green what chance have we got
  14. I thought he was absolutely shit the last time he played for us . I hope he will be a success for us this time around like McGregor is turning out to be . The winning goal at the girodome in 10 days time will certainly be the best I'm fucking sorry present
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