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  1. Hi, Last year I attempted writing a couple of original Rangers songs. Keep in mind they are first attempts and there’s room for improvement however most of the feedback I got back was positive (few comments not so much ? but that’s social media for you). I got in touch with Rangers and a couple of the guys from their commercial department emailed me back saying they liked the song and were looking into possible promoting the music side of things in the near future. Skip forward a year and I have 10 original new Rangers songs that I’m about to go into the studio to record. Hopefully can work out some sort of deal with the club for helping to promote it, give it their official stamp. I would def appreciate any support you can give me by giving my first song a listen and sharing the YouTube link. Cheers.
  2. Hi, For any music fans interested I've just put up my new Rangers song on YouTube. If you could give it a listen and share it on facebook/twitter it would be very much appreciated. Big shout out to everyone that sent me a picture of themselves to be included. All pics were used so you should find yourself in the video somewhere ? Cheers ? https://youtu.be/D-cvOSjLm_c
  3. Thanks very much, appreciate it. New song should be up in the next month ?
  4. I've started writing some new original Rangers songs. One of them is already up on YouTube as most of you probably know. Anyway the second song is almost finished so I'm starting to piece together the music video. I'm looking to include a lot of fan pictures. If anyone is interested and would like to be included in the video can you email me a selfie. The picture can be of yourself, a group shot, at Ibrox, at a game, in the pub with your pals, whatever as long as there's Rangers colours showing (Rangers top/scarf etc). Happy for any old pics from years ago and new and everything inbetween. Nothing inappropriate. Please email to lostdgs@yahoo.co.uk and include the name(s) of whoever is in the picture. Any questions give me a shout. Cheers.
  5. Cheers to anyone that has checked the song out. If you can continue to share it I would appreciate it. Some like it, some don't. Fair enough. Some hilarious comments on here from award winning Grammy songwriting musicians. Here was me thinking it was just a wee simple folk song about Rangers ?
  6. Cheers for taking the time to check it out and for anyone sharing it. This one was more a folky storytelling song. Not everyone's thing which is fair enough. Next one is going to be more upbeat and loud with a good sing a long chorus ?
  7. Hi, I wrote a new original song for Rangers. I would appreciate it if you all had a listen. Would like to hear some feedback, what you think about the sound of the song, what you think about the lyrics and the video etc. Would appreciate it if you share the song on Twitter and Facebook if you like it. Cheers
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