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  1. Anyone played the new DayZ? My mates are getting tired of Warzone and want to shift over to it
  2. That must include Qualifiers as our non qualifier record is as follows: 18-19: Won 1/6 (Win rate = 16.67%) 19-20: Won 4/10 (Win rate = 40%) 20-21: Won 1/1 (Win rate = 100%) 17 non qualifier games and we've won 6 so our record is only slightly over 33%
  3. Yeah we play Killie same weekend them lot are on SC duty
  4. He's the weak link in our team at the minute and I'd have liked to see Jones come on and get some game time. That being said Roofe probably should have done better with his cross in the second half and that would have given him an assist
  5. We should be far more clinical but how many titles have come down to GD in the whole of Scottish football history? The only one I can recall is 02-03. I agree we should be trying to build it up but if we keep winning then we'll be ahead of them on points and GD will become an irrelevance. Feel free to post and laugh at me in a year if we lose the title on GD
  6. I like Gerrard and whilst the jury is justifiably out I'm very much on the Pro Gerrard side of things. That being said his decision not to use the bench is baffling. We can make 5 subs I believe this year so why wait until the 80th minute? Why only make a couple of changes? What on earth is the point of introducing a player around minute 90? That should only be done to time waste and the Stewart sub obviously wasn't for that purpose. All in all it's a side of his management that's poor. I'd have liked to see Barisic and Tav come off for the final ten if only to mitigate the risk of injury. When the game is won we should be resting players to avoid injury
  7. They actually conceded in each of their first six games from a quick scan of the Wikipedia page. But the last time we had a start better than this was the 10-11 season where we went on to win the title so fingers crossed the same happens this year
  8. Rodgers team also begun with 5 wins and a draw from what I recall. But that aside our form is great so far, the big tests are going to be away to Motherwell and Hibs. Our priority has to be to keep winning up to the Old Firm and then the pressure will really be on them especially with us having played the games in hand and got the points on board already
  9. May give it another go then with the new patch. Was really bugging me at the time FM 18 is dynamite though. Managed to win the Europa, SPL, SC and LC all in the same season with Rangers. Ryan Kent on one wing, Ollie Burke on the other. Foden behind Solanke. Cracking team 👍
  10. Played half a season of FM 2020 and neck and neck with celtic Chucked it though and went back to FM 18. I think there's some sort of bug as whoever I play up front misses about 20 1 v 1's against the keeper per game. Ojo and Kent get all the goals with the former hilariously being my best player 👍
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