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  1. Go away you horrible excuse of a man you and your kind are dragging this country down your not welcome at Ibrox I am embarrassed for you. You are pathetic
  2. You are a lowlife not welcome at Ibrox go and crawl under your rock
  3. Both players didn’t shine last night with Mayo in particular looking quite a bit short of the standard required
  4. I echo your thoughts it truly is a remarkable season and has definitely been a shining light in these troubled times. WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. Decent sensible post We are Rangers let’s stay safe protect the nhs and also the good name of our club.look at what happened in Liverpool last year and the press up here will make a lot more of it ! Let’s show everyone we are the people
  6. I don’t think he would have Patterson is a natural fullback who plays in a similar style to tav.
  7. And why is that??? No one tested positive there is no requirement to isolate !!!!
  8. To be fair he isn’t saying it’s just Rangers players he is saying footballers in general need to be a lot more responsible regarding Covid rules these young clowns deserve everything that comes to them from both the club and SFA I hope none of them play for us again
  9. He is at st Johnstone on loan
  10. Very poor start we are sloppy our passing is atrocious need to get a grip we have zero up front miss Morelos so much
  11. No I don’t agree in 12 seasons in pro football I have never ever came across a player who didn’t try sometimes granted myself included I found an extra gear against certain opposition ie them and Kilmarnock in my case players do always try and give 109% effort no matter who they play
  12. Have a word with yourself insulting a fellow supporter Fans like you we can do without
  13. No professional football team doesn’t try in any gam no matter the opposition I really hate when supporters say these things. Foe example do you honestly think Derek McInnes Lewis Ferguson and Ross McCrorrie would not try against celtic ? Please get a grip every team tries that’s why the players are professionals and not paying to get in like us
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