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  1. Totally missing the point we have had a very easy run of games in first quarter home to Them Hibs and Hearts with Aberdeen next at home let’s see where we are after second quarter if we are still top I will be amazed.
  2. We do have a lot of deadwood Arfield Davis Barker McGregor McLaughlin are in last year of contract and will leave at end of season. Firth is assistant Goalkeeper coach as well as emergency 4 th choice so will probably stay on if manager stays Kelly Is not going to get a chance and at around 20/21 needs to be playing as not a youngster any more he has a full season in SPFL under his belt last season at Ross county too so should be played or moved on Jack time will tell but we have missed him hope he can get back quickly but if isn’t playing by xmas he will need to go too Simpson is a bombscare and has been a disaster we can add Sakala and Bacuna to that list as well dreadful signings both we also have Balogun who is required at moment but isn’t good enough Katic who we need to assess after serious injury like Jack Goldson who is refusing to sign a new deal is a concern all in all if and when the manager leaves there isn’t a great deal left for new boss and no money either!!!
  3. We got exactly what we bough an Aberdeen player he is absolutely dreadful
  4. Agree mind you it was outside the box but a clear foul and yellow card
  5. McGregor Tav. Goldson Balogun Barasic Hagi Lundstrum Kamara Roofe Morelos Aribo
  6. I disagree. Pay peanuts you get monkeys there has never been a truer statement Quality costs serious money I feel the manager knows that last season he hit the ceiling and has taken us as far as he can to go to next level takes investment and we are skint to keep evolving and improving we need to recruit 2 quality players a season they cost 5m. upwards Failing that our recruitment has to be spot on and we should be snapping up the best young talent in scotland we should have signed Ferguson before he went to the sheep Nisbet before he went to Hibs even now Souter is out of contract at Hearts next season we should be offering him a pre contract but we won’t we will go on with rubbish from England like Simpson
  7. When did Hagi arrive back? Is he fit ? Covid takes it out you Can’t see him playing hope I am wrong
  8. Kent is out for 4 weeks Hagi isn’t yet in the country and recovering from Covid Helander is out until January. my question is. Are you really a supporter????
  9. Your in cloud cuckoo land !
  10. But it is far more than we could generate ourselves that’s the sad truth jeez we couldn’t even make a success of a share issue on the back of 55 ! Embarrassing
  11. Yes unfortunately it is a majority but as in the population as a whole the masses are in educated and the club is pandering to them any educated person knows that you need the press onside it is so important in this day and age where our club is dependant on sponsors we need the TV money from Sky & BT more now than ever so pissing them off is not clever
  12. I am totally against the clubs approach to the media in general it looks like we are trying to stifle free speech leaving aside the two individuals our press conferences are terrible and very amateur with podcaster fans asking stupid questions which have so obviously been vetted All we are doing is turning everyone against us ( most were alreadyI know ) but this isn’t the way to get them onside it’s not the way a well run club should be acting it is pandering to the lowest form of our support ( which unfortunately is about 60%) You know the ones I mean the FTP brigade we really need to be much smarter here turns sky BT BBC against us is not the way forward we need them on board to attract sponsors in the future and keep the ones we have now
  13. I honestly think he is. McLaughlin is just an average goalkeeper who is a decent number 2 but not good enough to be a Number 1 at the top level very similar to Alexander when he was here he was decent but not too notch
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