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  1. No all us who ticked friendlies should have both games every season we tick this box without knowing who we will be playing be Bury or Real Madrid this is how we are repaid for our commitment a ticket to see a Rangers B team play a Brighton B team while others who have not ticked the box are getting Real Madrid ! I will now never again tick this box and will be cancelling all my subscriptions including MyGers Rangers TV in fact everything except my season ticket unfortunately I am committed to the share issue and Edmonton House life membership or I would be cancelling them as well. I am t
  2. Brighton are in the PL ? What’s your point?
  3. I have followed the club all over home and away for over 40yrs I know what I am talking about
  4. Absolute rubbish and obviously Maths wasn’t your best subject. I have a season ticket as does my son we don’t buy the other stuff but are members of my Gers that’s it and that is all you require it isn’t a fortune it’s 40 quid. Kids are cheaper btw as is their season tickets and it is highly unlikely that any dad of two would take his two kids to Easter road or any away game. Please stop scaremongering
  5. No it’s not. The only ones who will be rewarded are the my Gers members who are season ticket holders I honestly don’t have any issue with that at all it’s a membership scheme and has to offer benefits to its members to attract them all the revenue goes to the club and we all benefit
  6. My Gers members who get priority are also season ticket holders it’s only fair they are rewarded for their commitment and loyalty
  7. Itten???? Your having a laugh !
  8. He was on loan at Q of the s at the time
  9. Mmm do you watch many games at that level? I played in every professional league in scotland albeit briefly in Premier and spent 8 yrs in Ayrshire juniors at a decent level and believe me the juniors were an eye opener I think the lowland league would be ideal for our younger players it will toughen them up like the juniors used to do when youngsters were farmed out I believe the young players of today are too soft and don’t progress/develop as fast as they should I played against and with your guys farmed out Steve Clarke Andy Walker ,Dave hopkin Craig Conway amount them all went on to play
  10. GeeSS


    I can remember Brian Laudrup bc and Gazza winning writer awards in the past but maybe you are right and the criteria has changed I do stand corrected regards Ryan Kent it was indeed the players award he won
  11. GeeSS


    No it’s not it’s open to all players in scotland. Ryan Kent won it two yrs ago !
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