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  1. Every game outside the ibrox fixture. Our response to that should have been the mark of champions. Everything that followed parkhead squarely at Gerrard imo. He’s either learned or he hasn’t and the league title depends on that.
  2. Need a thread on ‘the dude’ - it seems to descend into dude related anarchy on here all too often
  3. If it’s Maja, Roofe or Toney I’ll be content. All three would score for fun here. Taylor would be useful but he falls short imo.
  4. Hope not. But I share your lack of belief
  5. Tbh I have no idea. I’m not clued you very much on businesses, members associations or company law. But the boards language, statements, dossier, whistleblowers etc was all fart no jobby. Honesty from the start. There didn’t ever seem like anything could be done. They gave us hope. Had us believing they’d fight our corner for what is right and fair when they probably knew nothing could be done.
  6. Reasonable expectation though isn’t it? Problem we have is too many people on here have believed Joe Black and T40 - two crackpots of the highest order and about as ‘ITK’ as pinky and the brain. They’d rather follow that nonsense than question the board. 100% this is on the board. Let’s see what happens.
  7. Rightly or wrong (100% wrongly imo) company law state members can change their vote from no to yes and not the other way around within 28 days. Even if Dundee voted to sink the proposal they or any other no voter could have changed their vote within 28 days. The SPFL requesting Votes returned within a short Period wasn’t illegal either. If club chairmen don’t know they have 28 days they should seriously not be running clubs. We would still be here regardless of the alleged quarantined email. Now it’s over to our board. This day has been coming.
  8. Sadly true. Assuming no further action taken from us - it’s the only reasonable conclusion
  9. They are also paying the legal fees now and may get fined from SFA for taking the legal route
  10. The release of the player talks is to put pressure on the club. We won’t cave though. Don’t need to.
  11. Still not convinced a club like Lille would tap up, publicly say then admit the have spoke to us without bidding. For me Buff has asked the club for permission to speak to them/Lille have asked the club to speak to player and we have allowed it - rightly or wrongly. We won’t know if it’s a good or bad move until it’s done and dusted whichever way it goes
  12. Hit and miss. Aribo & Hagi certainly hits. 20/30 goal a season striker is a harder one to achieve but I think we will get it right if it comes to it. Got a sneaky suspicion we get Toney from under the dhims noses
  13. He improved over time but will always be too slow imo
  14. Hopefully Katic recovers swiftly. Our best CB in set piece situations and when confident and on it clearly our best CB. Hopefully we sign someone to challenge goldson and big George can have a consistent run of games.
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