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  1. Deleted it. If I’d get into trouble for that surely the girl - who’s conversations about the aforementioned subject that’s spread all over SM - would get into trouble? This isn’t new rumours either. Couple of years old - I only heard it the other week
  2. And managers. Lennons got previous for navigating the big games well and struggling in the easier fixtures. The OF matches won’t decide the title as long as we beat the rest home and away
  3. Never even heard of that before last night
  4. Just seen it today. Surely it’s shite. Nothing in the news
  5. Did Jones DM a 15 year old asking to pump her? If so he needs sacked on the spot. Tarrier behaviour.
  6. They played with one recognised CB, a horror show of a LB and a keeper lacking match sharpness. The keeper didn’t have a save to make, certainly not a serious one. utter shocking selection and shape from the gaffer. It’s on him and only him. He can get the fuck with the criticism of the players and officials, sounds like a ducking ego maniac. Admit, reflect, learn and skud them and the chamber of secrets.
  7. That’s what he does when we struggle. Even if it’s his fault. i just don’t see it with aribo. I honestly just see ejaria. Ojo on the other hand - had a stinker granted - but will be like Kent with more goals and assists. That makes me happy. Steven Davis and Jack also make me happy. To play so many central midfielders with none capable of a defence splitting pass makes me rage. Arfields running and breaking the line is his strong point. Not stroking the ball about deep. Dont think forsterstein had a save to make. He’s not match fit either. Their LB is horrendous. Th
  8. Disagree. To me he was awfully similar to Ejaria. Probs worse.
  9. Dont get the hype with him at all. Big strong and quick but hardly player. the only midfielder to turn up was Davis who was outstanding
  10. Ref had a good game. By Scottish standards anyway. close thread
  11. The usual ‘I hold my hands up but the players and officials were shite’ approach to post defeat has worn thin. The gaffer must understand he was absolutely at fault. CRIMINAL not to start Alfie. He has been backed. The scum aren’t all they think they are. If we don’t win the league he’s got to go. If he can’t understand that he’s well out his fucking depth.
  12. The ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign was as subtle as a brick. Clearly I’m response to UEFA charges. What they should have done was announce a full on ban on offending songs and threatening offenders with ejection and bans. They didn’t.
  13. Papes have a good year on the engerlund fans. Completely cringe none the less. Like every cunt Robbin Dortmund for Olé Olé Olé. Even the jambos were at it last year. Got to hold ourself to a higher standard than robbin taigs.
  14. We sang the tarriers fucking Lustig song and shoehorned the gaffer into it 🤮 #AnnounceSectarianismReturn
  15. Probs. I have to read things 3 times over usually 😂
  16. And by the way I don’t object to the strip.
  17. The current scrutiny is about anti-Catholicism. The only legitimate criticism of the lawful organisation you speak of. Not hard for even the simplest of minds - in this case Stewart - to connect those dots. He mentions that the board cashed in on the orange strips. That the orange strips appealed to a particular type of supporter. The truth is he was right. The board absolutely cashed in on that particular mind set. However without plastering specific historical dates or slogans on the strip - in isolation the strip is a harmless inanimate object. No crime was commited.
  18. Hands up if you bought the orange strip out of respect for our Dutch heroes.... 👀
  19. I was fishing mate. Absolute crackpottery thinking that’s the case. We commit a crime it gets reported we get punished. we just have to hope/action the same applies elsewhere
  20. Is it coincidence that Liewell sitting on a uefa committee.... 👀
  21. Fact of the matter is he’s not a traditional Rangers fan. Employed by the club. Has a growing affinity with the club. Probably will be a lifelong fan once his tenure is over. He a Liverpool fan. Comes from catholic stock - not that that matters a jot. He has said his piece and there’s not a single thing wrong with what he said. This chat is littered with the ‘taig infestion that reaches the very top’ pish. At they end of the day we have been caught with our pants down. Dont let it happen again as it will only harm our club. Pretty simple stuff.
  22. Every new signing starts at zero. Yes some invoke excitement and some don’t. But it’s up to barker to own this and become a player. Best of luck to him.
  23. Agree. Most on here didn’t see Lennon as a threat. Couldn’t be more wrong. The mhanky bastards are stronger than last year. But so are we. We will need to improve on consistency this year to have a realistic chance. Predicting to very high points totals and us narrowly pipping them to it. 3pts.
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