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  1. I agree 100% For me the fear that is working away is the 14 he wanted out... who the fuck will want them? They cant get into THAT team... our wage bill could haunt us
  2. This is the issue as i see it, were bringing in folk for wher we are... not wher we should be
  3. How could you like anything abput a honkin cf whos dug chomped a waine?
  4. Could we not use them as an exchange? I heard roumors motherwell would give us moult for 300k and o halloren? Could we not try simelar with a few others? Realisticaly moult will ve on half of (if not less) MOH wage, so it would basically be a straigjt swap
  5. "Barrie McKay is a product of that academy" Naw hes no... we signed him from killie! Lazy jurno at its best
  6. Was hard to watch... for me the most worrying thing is the 2 "youth players" pc has promoted were both signed and not developed by us
  7. For me the worst of it is we have only payed 900k so far... another 900k due plus the payoff for the clown who brought him in ?
  8. Loan or sign? Think hed cost between 3-5m Cracking player (at this level) but its a lot of money
  9. Manager is basically public face, training and games... Dof is the man with the plan, he will have final say on signings ect, we are all agreed we need a whole new squad, so ida got him in, then a manager who compliments him, then had that foundation to build from when window opens, Iv said before i dont see pedro working well with a dof... i hope im wrong, because we NEED him to be
  10. ?? spelling always been an issue... why is dyslexia such a hard word to spell? ?
  11. Mate id love a bit of possitivity, i just dont see any... or it getting better anytime soon
  12. Not had one in a few years (work commitments) but yeah if i could make use of it then id live to get my ticket back, why do u ask?
  13. Still unclear on Dof (who i beleive should have been in before manager) Still unclear on investment, Still unclear on finishing 3rd (...fucking st johnson 6 behind us) Still unclear if manager is good or mental, And its fetting close to St renewal... we need answers big time! Everything we do seems to blow up in our faces... im just waiting on next embarrasment
  14. In fairness i dont think he will work well with a Dof... he seems too headstrong
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