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  1. 16 wins in 41 competitive games 14 wins in 30 league games No away wins for 6 months
  2. I wouldn't even attempt to compare soldiers dieing in war with football players taking a knee my friend, quite frankly an embarrassing comparison
  3. When I am at the game I will clap the players when they take the knee for the 3 seconds that they do it because that is what the captain has asked for. But if people boo it is up to them to do so and is their right . It is a very political and media driven message (no matter what views you may have personally) that devides the public and will divide our clubs fan base as we seem to have a variety of political views these days as is common with such a large fan base . But the idea of labeling my fellow fans racist because they have a different view on a very sensitive subject is sh
  4. Alex Rae - " a thought celtic were impressive last night"
  5. Alan went to my school, he's a fat fienan bastard who used to live in Kinning park
  6. Would be putting far too much pressure on the young boy by selling our captain and expecting him to reach the same levels week in week out. Don't really see what the rush is? Let him develop and push Tav as much as possible next season. 2 really good players for each position is what we should be aiming for.
  7. No so fucking chirpy these days are you Laurie ya auld Fenian bastard 🖕 get it right round ye
  8. If its only Kamara and Roofe missing and we have a full squad when we play those champions league qualifiers , I wouldn't expect Hagi to start any of the games . Hagi going will be a miss in terms of options from the bench but you would expect us to strengthen the midfield this season with at least 2 quality players.
  9. Just had a look at her pinned tweet on her twitter bio, what an absaloute train wreck of a women.
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