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  1. I have said nothing to Warrent a ban and you know it. And that message was aimed at me so stop telling porkies. Again ban me all you want I don't care.
  2. Don't be posting those pesky facts or you will get a ban form the mods 😏
  3. Yes there is, you wanting to ban me for a different opinion, ban me a couldn't really give a fuck 😂 just shows that you are shutting me up without being able to do so with debate and facts
  4. You will need to give me an example please of the disinformation you speak of? Different opinions and debate are fine unless you go against the majority you mean sparkle, it's always like this in here, mods wanting to shut down debates...... Stick yer fucking website up yer arse 👍
  5. 😂 What disinformation are you speaking of? Bans for having a different opinion 😂 what a fucking farce this place is
  6. 😂 Apart from mitermoldmaster I haven't insulted anybody but you think what you like.
  7. In the link you posted it literally says "The Yellow Card reporting scheme has reported that between 9 December 2020 and 8 September 2021 there were 1,645 deaths where the person died shortly after receiving one of the coronavirus vaccines" Do you even read what you are posting before insulting people you absaloute clown of a boy ?
  8. Mate tbh am sick of taking about it. And people are probably sick of me talking about it 😂, I kinda see what you are getting at and I understand why people think the way they do regarding it but i just see things differently from you. But am no arguing with anyone about it anymore, I said what a think and no offence intended to anyone, don't want to be arguing with my fellow fans.
  9. You are correct mate am still trying to work out wtf you are on about with the drink driving icu scenario. And I do understand your points, I just don't agree with them.
  10. A don't know what drink driving has got to do with it mate but I imagine they must regret it. But anyway each to their own and whatever choices anybody makes I respect it but I will take my chances with covid and the consequences.
  11. Of course not mate 😂 depends on the treatment I suppose but it's quite a leap from refusing a vaccine to say, refusing to get a broken leg fixed.
  12. And what about the vaccinated in intensive care? You do realise the vaccinated can still die from covid as well?
  13. Yeah mate I'm sure I had it, was really ill for a few weeks just before the outbreak, was round about the time fury wilder 1. The principle is what matters though mate, a get what you are saying but for me personally it's what I believe to be right , if people want to take it that's up to them and is their own personal choice but I will refuse it until I'm forced to take it.
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