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  1. Call me pedantic but its incredible that BBC Scotland refer to celtic as " the champions " more than they call them by their actual club name
  2. The fact that this arsehole is still being employed by BBC Scotland shows the contempt they have for Rangers supporters. Since I posted I found out they employ Neil McCann too so that point was maybe wrong....
  3. Somebody fire bomb Clancy's house please. If he lives in Edinburgh tell me the address and I'll do it
  4. That Rangers should never have been relegated was terrible for Scottish football
  5. True what Lambert has said though. Everybody knows it
  6. My own fault I know but I put on radio Scotland for the last 2 minutes and the guy commentating referred to them as the champions at least 5 times and was over the moon when that late third went in...
  7. Motherwell my God they are shite
  8. I've yet to hear a good female pundit the Scottish ones I've heard are awful
  9. That's insanity I'm afraid this is Rangers FC we are talking about and this season especially. They need to fucking waken up
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