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  1. Pittodrie was 24,000 in the 80s...
  2. An absolute disgrace of a government. . Cunts Forget full houses this season
  3. Italy aren't scoring tonight
  4. Yep Griffiths front page of The Record today pestering a different teenage girl apparently
  5. Yes to beat Croatia they did. Wild indeed
  6. Scotland are out now. No chance without Gilmour
  7. Never had much time for the Welsh fitba team...
  8. Surely Marshall gets dropped for the England game ?
  9. Its hilarious they're giving him ( Lennon) it tight on Kerryfail Street forum and their own board too its truly funny 😄 stuff ha ha ha
  10. Since we won the league I've counted at least 15 articles portraying Rangers in as negative a light as possible. This is what we are up against in Schotland
  11. Another anti Rangers article in the Herald today obviously no coincidence that these " stories " are dripfed out to appease the taig hordes
  12. Since last Saturday there has been st least 10 anti Rangers articles by bigots masquerading as journalists in titles such as the Sunday Mail the guardian the Ed evening news & The Scotsman. Its a daily barrage of anti Rangers rhetoric from the usual suspects...and needs called out perhaps Call It Out will do so ?
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