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  1. Taig rat John Collins now moaning about the challenge, there is just no let up from the predominantly pro terrier mhedia in this funking country honestly
  2. I'm still a wee bit nervous to be fair...just keep winning Rangers oh and the league,europa league & Scottish Cup treble would be lovely
  3. I remember way back when Trainspotting came out, Welsh & Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream were reviewing the week's singles....in the NME & Both were slagging off Rangers...pair of fannies, Gillespie is a celtic fan...Im sure Welsh came out & made a half arsed apology to his " Rangers supporting friends" this was 1996....Mind you I've met many Hivs fans who hate Rangers more than Hearts...baffling..
  4. We should never have lost that tie
  5. I still feel we've not been as good as we were up until the league Cup game in Paisley
  6. Its the main media body in Scotland though and its anti Rangers. It needs to be fought back against
  7. Some incredible results in Europe for such a wee club down to him...
  8. Tough tough game expected they're on a great run and probably have at least 7 taigs in their team
  9. Seems to be on Sky One as well as Sky Sports which is good for me as don't have Sports
  10. Mark Hateley league decider vs Aberdeen May 1991. What a striker he was.
  11. Walters last season in 97/98 we lost to Gothenburg in CL qualifiers then Strasbourg in Uefa Cup qualifiers...with some good good players still at Ibrox
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