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  1. Had this incident involved a celtic player with any tenous links to Ireland bering booed all throughout a game then Nil by Mouth Kick it out, FARE etc wlda still been lobbying Uefa for an investigation None of them mentioned it as far as I'm aware
  2. Work on a site in Edinburgh full of Geordies and Mackems and they cannot believe the fucked up situation in this country. I explained to them what was banned & what wasn't and what is classed as offensive and what isn't...They were flabbergasted...basically anything anti Rangers is acceptable & anti celtic is racist and Sectarian
  3. Nil by Mouth were awfully quiet about Prague and the booing of Kamara..sorry I forgot he's not connected to Oireland
  4. This is the prick that questioned Kamara being racially abused !! He should be sacked from any job he has
  5. If it had been Celtics black players being booed I reckon FARE , Nil by mouth, kick it out, & the Snp govt would've demanded an inquiry...
  6. We were pretty fucking pish I knew we were never gonna score early on...all the other shite well...you'll never eradicate it in these countries. Ever.
  7. Prague shouldn't be allowed to participate in European competition. Racist bairns as well as adults. Kick em oot
  8. Lol the great unwashed are already frothing at the mouth about this frivolous as it may be
  9. They even had a snippet on an Snp website the other day of John Mcginn getting called nasty names...of course Rangeds fans were blamed....Any Snp forum I've ever looked at is absolutely full of Rangers haters...They trawl the Internet looking for different ways to tarnish Ranger's name. They are scum
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