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  1. They seem a typical Euro team - high pressing, 433, technically good and quick getting the ball forward. They do look pretty lightweight and susceptible to losing goals at set plays. These are the type of teams we do well against with our Euro style, added with our strength and set plays we can win this.
  2. Good news for us, the more of these seeded teams that go out the better chance we have.
  3. Tottenham 0-0 HT Copenhagen 0-0 HT Galatasaray winning 1-0 HT APOEL won 4-1
  4. Whats a stretch? The fact hundreds of children were systematically abused over a period of 4 decades at one club, a club who covered it up and allowee it to continue. Name a bigger scandal than that.
  5. The biggest scandal in football history and you wonder why, being a football blogger, you should cover it? You're a morally corrupt disgusting human being.
  6. 100% true, nothing to be surprised over.
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