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  1. 100% true, nothing to be surprised over.
  2. Journalists from The Guardian in London last night had spent hours interviewing a survivor. Story coming very soon to a world-wide audience.
  3. It would also be worth investigating if there were any complaints at Cherry Blossom FC, celtic Belfast BC and celtic North BC as they were also under the same umbrella.
  4. From the flowchart its very clear that cbc were part of celtic, its also clear that Edinburgh cbc were also part of the family. Now if we go back to Neil Strachan who was employed by them, him being part of the pedo ring with James Rennie, and James Rennie working very close with Martin Hendrie. Now Martins other collegue, Marc Cooper, has taken a job for the organisation that he was supposed to be doing an 'independent investigation' for. Nothing will remain hidden.
  5. It has been discovered that one of the three on the panel has already been offered and taken up a position with the S.F.A. That person is Marc Cooper.
  6. Some news in the papers tomorrow, dont really know any deatils apart from theres nowhere to hide.
  7. Got his own out and let the rest suffer.
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