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  1. Story in the record that the SNP are going to demand Rangers keep fans off the streets hahahahahaha
  2. Same team as last time assuming everyone is fit. 2-0 win.
  3. In fact, it’s deeply regrettable that his final Old Firm match the other weekend ended with a crude and classless farewell from a high ranking Rangers official inside the Ibrox tunnel in the immediate aftermath of a 4-1 thrashing. Record Sport understands the Parkhead hierarchy are aware of this incident which took place as a disconsolate Brown made his way back to the away dressing room while Steven Gerrard and his players celebrated a fourth derby win of a whitewash season against their crestfallen neighbours. That they have chosen not to lodge a complaint suggests that it was all fair
  4. the goalkeeping isn't great but how is that a terrible free kick hahahahaha
  5. Risky strategy, could take a while and may lead to rioting.
  6. Hope the UB give a rough idea of how long they will be waiting until after the trophy presentation
  7. The exact same thing happened 2 months ago with no trouble
  8. I reported the thug that sits next to me at Ibrox for singing the sash. Waiting on hearing a response from the club.
  9. Good player, was very one dimensional though
  10. I don't mind Bassey and I think he is fine in the role he has just now but he's never going to push Barisic or replace him long term.
  11. Solid in the tackle hahahahaha
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