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  1. Well the club should simply point out the gatherings after they went out the League Cup. Or before the Scottish Cup final. Or by the Partick Thistle fans.
  2. It was. That doesn't equate to it being trouble though. Lets be honest who gives a fuck what the Daily Record and Sun write.
  3. Just as much chance of that happening in the SPFL leagues
  4. Must have had a seriously sheltered life if you consider smashed benches 'trouble'
  5. There was no trouble when the same thing happened 2 months ago.
  6. Although the overall standard is poor right now there's a good crop of players in the league just now Nisbet, Doig and McCann the standouts for me then you've got Ferguson, Campbell and Boyle who I don't personally rate but are well regarded and could get decent moves. Kerr and McCart at St Johnstone are both very good. McGrath at St Mirren is decent. It's the league below but Souttar at Hearts is getting rave reviews as well just now.
  7. Rangers to win tonight, no bet on the filth game and all 4 other SPFL games to be a draw
  8. If we want him I think this summer is the time to do it whilst Davis is still here.
  9. The selfish bastards who are thinking about shopping should stay the fuck away
  10. Think that whole Icardi/Maxi Lopez drama involved one of the Aguero whores but not 100% on that
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