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  1. Remember the day well we lost 1 0 at Rugby Park
  2. Hectic schedule coming up so expecting some changes McGregor Patterson Goldson Bassey Barisic Lundstram Kamara Sakala Arfield Kent Morelos
  3. Haven't got a clue how I'd line up for a game in over a month. 6 players back isn't leaving us exposed it's crazy to say otherwise.
  4. i don't think the purpose of the display is to remind us who we support What would you suggest?
  5. How many players do you think the opposition are going to counter us with?
  6. Gerrard's tenure as manager I'd give a 6.5 out of 10
  7. Cant believe that playing a player to his strengths actually works...
  8. Morelos being told to stay high and bully people, Kent playing high and wide and a midfielder going beyond the striker. 3 very simple things that most of us were calling for. Feel Roofe would score a barrel load of goals arriving from deep in the Aribo role last night, although in games where we're not necessarily going to have all of the ball you might need someone else in there.
  9. Mate we got pumped off Hibs a few days ago tonight was good but c'mon you're smarter than this
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