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  1. Hopefully just a bad photo but really dont like it There are fakes pretty much every year...
  2. France -1, Portugal/Germany draw and Spain
  3. International rankings can be manipulated so comparing it to winning a title was a weird one.
  4. I'm not upset at all, I just find it baffling Rangers fans are happy to support a Scotland team run by, managed by and supported by filth who hate us. Still find it weird that you won't get involved with discussions about Rangers but will about Scotland. You quite clearly don't want to talk about that though so I'll just leave it.
  5. When did you become a football fan mate? I'm genuinely interested to know. Never seen you post about it before.
  6. Just Marshall, O'Donnell, Tierney, Robertson, McGregor and McGinn.
  7. Depends on the circumstances. I certainly wouldn't be celebrating about it.
  8. In tournament football I don't think a 0-0 after losing your opening game is a result to celebrate but each to their own
  9. It's funny that you post more about Scotland getting a draw than you do about Rangers.
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