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  1. The Tartan Army clearly do hate us, but their would have been a video if that happened 100%
  2. Aye, just posted that in the other thread Retard man
  3. Armstrong better than McGinn is a terrible shout and I think Armstrong is decent
  4. Pat Nevin's been smoking some good shit by the sound of things '“I watched the Champions League semi-final recently. McGinn versus Modric? Honestly, I’m now McGinn, all day long.'
  5. Seriously gonnae just make a thread about it and keep it in there please
  6. Is this a general observation or has something happened?
  7. Sutton 'I admire the guy for being brave enough to take this job. For having the balls to up sticks and come to Scotland when the likes of Eddie Howe got stage fright and ran away, leaving Celtic high and dry in the process.'
  8. 'Stand against racism, kneel against ignorance' That's what they're saying
  9. Only doing it against England. Spineless, cowardly bastards. How can you both take a knee and stand to challenge racism? Utter filth.
  10. Scotland have bowed down to pressure and will take the knee Absolute cowards
  11. First time I've actively wanted Scotland to win in well over a decade on Monday
  12. He is a hothead who prioritises performances over points, doesn't like the media criticising him and is coming from an environment where losing to a 4th tier team is 'normal' to a team where that sort of result would see him sacked This appointment would be a disaster for a team in a position of strength, he's joining a club in crisis with a support who don't want him
  13. Unless they gets an absolute hiding which lets be honest there's a good chance of
  14. Why is Lawwell involved in discussions for the future “I have already had great discussions with Peter, Dom and the Board about their ideas and strategy for the future of the club. I know the Club’s new modern vision aligns very much with mine and we now look to go and deliver on this. In everything we do we aim to give our fans a successful team of real quality, which they are excited about and can be proud of."
  15. Love that they managed to get a sevco dig in whilst appointing their new manager, that isn't desperate at all...
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