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  1. Still looks short of fitness but for my liking he plays it safe and simple far too many times. Hes usually got time on the ball in the middle of the park but still looks to play it back to Wes.
  2. Like most would like us to play two up front in the little and large combination( Herrera and Morelos) but can see us going with only one up top. Be good to see Dorrans get and run out and hopefully Alves plays a decent amount of minutes!
  3. Hopefully have the score in the corner. But thats probably asking too much from us!
  4. Checked yesterday and mine and my friends ticket was in my basket he's on the friends and family. Told him to check his account no tickets there because obviously it's in my account. Is there anyway for him to buy his own and me mine? Also just checked again today and now my basket is empty. So not got a clue what's happening?
  5. Anybody able to shed any light on this. Purchased a ticket through Zebra finance and confirmation email came through from Rangers. Then I received an email from Zebra saying my finance agreement has been declined, please contact the club for other payment options. However still in my account the ticket is coming up as purchased. How long does this get "held" for on my account. I'm thinking about trying to just purchase another one but this being there still is putting me off. Cheers.
  6. Sorry for another post but if I'm lucky enough to get two tomorrow, does the first payment come out tomorrow? Cheers
  7. On the waiting list for 2 this year and now that the email is through saying the priority sale starts tomorrow. I'm trying to get one for me and a mate. However his Rangers number is coming up as incorrect and I'm unable to add him to the friends and family section on my account. I was wondering if I'm lucky to get 2 tomorrow can I still add one in his name or what? Cheers
  8. Section 115 in the Lower. Looks like thats the section nearest them. Bring the rat bastards on!
  9. Just bought a ticket. Every penny helps the wee man on his journey. Dont know how long it takes to show on the go fund me page though? Got the email to confirm though? Cheers
  10. Ach no worries then! No Apology No Surrender ?
  11. Don't know if this is a joke or not mate? ? But if he has I'm more than willing to take one! Haha
  12. We looked dangerous at nearly every corner. Toral seems to have added a threat at them. How that shower of shite kept Aberdeen at bay on Tuesday is a mystery.
  13. Remember walking from Bridgeton Cross right along to their shit pit and when you start to walk towards the police line and the tarriers realise you're not one of them and start giving you verbals only to reply with a big smile! That was without colours on btw.
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