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  1. Good to know early days that Hagi has pics of Gio How he's still on the park is a fucking joke
  2. They've had a kick up the arse at half time We're still dire. Only going 1 way this game
  3. Hagi/Morelos go at half time we win this If not we're relying on magic from Aribo or a mistake from them Shocking performance so far
  4. No idea what Hagi offers this team anymore Could argue his preferred position is where Aribo is but Aribo is x10 the player & Hagi only gets in currently as we have nobody else!
  5. Basically needs to be a bit of magic from Aribo or nothing happens
  6. Tries to do Aribo, right foot slips from under him Karma. Cunt.
  7. Hagi starting and Arfield dropped, 2 crazy decisions
  8. 100% agree, we're missing a commanding CB and the whole back line is struggling without someone to organise them
  9. From the 2nd goal we've been back to the same pish as before Goldson, Hagi, Morelos would all be hooked at half time in a perfect world Arfield also but more so incase this ref sends him off
  10. They deserve to go in here 2-2 Since Aribo's goal they've been the better team, too many players out there off form
  11. Good to see Gio has come to the same conclusion as most...Bacuna/Simpson nowhere near the team When Defoe beats you to the bench you know its bad
  12. Great player, trimmed in 3 days Never doubted him
  13. Understand the point about European competition But if this group of players can't win tonight then you can basically kiss 56 goodbye this year, tonight shows if they have it in them or not after that embarrassment on Sunday A new manager, European fixture at Ibrox, chance to progress after a shit start & the opposition being utter cunts who are on a bad run themselves...we couldn't have asked for a better game to get things going
  14. He's put on far too much weight, lost whatever pace he had & seems disinterested, the last one is the main reason I'd drop him Yet there's still a serious argument to be made for him to start on Thursday. Sakala in the middle of a 3 just won't work, up against 2 massive centre backs, he'll not get involved And Roofe is ridiculously unfit, the amount of injuries he gets for a professional footballer (in his prime) is beyond a joke. Get him some competition and you might see a bit of fire in him again, as it stands just now he turns up and is better than anything else we have, says more about the rest than him.
  15. Aye then got subbed off straight after the penalty by a very pissed off manager lol They came back and won 3-2
  16. I'd love it if Patterson and Tav were both pushing each other and putting in storming performances but it's just not happened. Tav's position looks comfortable and for me that can only point to Nathan's training performances not being up to scratch because let's be honest, Tav has been a 6 or 7/10 max this season so far. I think if Gerrard stayed we would've tried Patterson at LB with Kent playing inside a bit more on the left, as you said Patterson does need game time whether it's here or elsewhere to improve. I do think Gio will drop players and be less inclined to have favourites given he hasn't signed any of them but given the run of fixtures I seriously doubt we'll see anything different at least until after the taigs at New Year We're going to try and get through this tough period and pickup points somehow, hoping that the new manager bounce helps us through it.
  17. If Patterson does all that then by all means he should be in the team, would happily have someone fresh if he was performing week in week out, the issue is when given a chance Patterson has been average at best & you're not going to displace the club captain like that, at any club. Gio alluded to it in his conference that Tav is massive to how we play, until Patterson is putting in the numbers he is then he simply won't play (unless we're talking about a position change which is possible given the performances elsewhere on the park) I do agree though that some youngsters will find what he said today promising which is always a good thing, hopefully see some players in and around the 1st team for experience.
  18. He should've faced the media yep, don't like the face he constantly seems to shirk that responsibility, can't really understand it either. Performance wise he's very low down on the list of players we need to be looking at...could easily name 10 players who have been far worse this season And btw I'm not somebody who thinks Tav is fantastic, he's a decent player at best but he's by far the least of our problems.
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