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  1. Forgive my language mate. Shite quality on my phone but can still see it. PXL_20210926_144956635.mp4
  2. Harkes looks a player for United.
  3. That penalty decision was nothing other than a cheating taig bastard.
  4. Poulter for me. Maybe Westwood.
  5. Aye totally. McIlroy looks bereft of confidence.
  6. No easy way out fae rocky 4 has just pumped me the fuck up for this 🤣
  7. McIlroy and Poulter have been banged like a cell door all weekend. Poulter has at least had a couple moments to get it going but Rory has done sweet f.a.
  8. Aye Garcia has actually pulled Rahm out a whole a couple times. Dechambeau being a wee dick earlier showing why he can't win over the American crowd.
  9. John Rahm is something else. Joy to watch.
  10. Kinda hoping the same. This is our bad spell. Surely can only get better?!
  11. Our high press was a big part of our success last year. It doesn't exist at all now. Sitting too deep.
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