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  1. Trippier was banned 12 games for telling his pal he was moving to Spain. 10 games is a fucking laugh.
  2. They are under huge pressure now with the kudela incident. Anything less than 4 game ban shows how they take racism less serious than a bad tackle.
  3. Exactly that. They are making us out the bad ones when they were chucking metal sharks at him and running hate campaigns in their own manky support.
  4. Nah mate not us. Them. I'm delighted he stayed. The taigs are all over the story saying his mental health is shot to fuck. He was clearly in a bad way and sinking when he was at the helm and they had a duty to care for him then and never. As @Junior Sopranosays he is just pished but for a while it's been no secret he was struggling and then seeing him in that nick might be worrying to some...Who care.
  5. I have a degree of sympathy for anyone who's mental health is clearly that battered however, the same people crying for sympathy for him are the same people who kept him in a job out of spite and did this to him.
  6. Well deserved mate..great work. Might look for a print for the wee boys birthday as long as we're talking 200% RM members discount.
  7. Fucking car crash in here. Some grown ass men should have a word with themselves. Thank fuck we won the league.
  8. Fuck me a lot of negativity here for as glorified training session. We were in control against a team who normally give us a good game.
  9. Every time Thomson calls them the hibees I'm sick in ma mouth a bit
  10. Shots fired! Gerrard is what Scottish football needs but doesn't deserve. A figure head of global proportion who will call out bullshit and not be bullied into silence.
  11. Point being, they normally only cover their mouth when they don't want anyone to hear/see what they are saying. You don't cover your mouth saying "you fucking guy".
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