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  1. Think it's called age of samurai. Its class mate, similar style to the WW2 stories they did.
  2. Nice. Aye funnily enough I got hooked on the new Netflix show about the Japanese samurai and got me thinking about buying it. Think that will be my next stop after mass effect.
  3. Btw how is GOT? I've read good things but never been big on slashing type games wae no guns.
  4. I'm on 3 already. First one was very nostalgic but lacked a lot compared to 2. The second one was excellent. Never been a game like it where decisions made in the first game have an affect on the third game.
  5. That's no true but. How many points did we get cause they were shite? Fuck all. We got points because we played good football and earned it. Them being shite can account for something's, but no us going to Aberdeen and winning, putting 8 passed Hamilton, going to difficult grounds and sometimes grinding out results.
  6. The tarriers certainly targeted him, but it backfired.
  7. Patterson's emergence was well timed and in most games I'd agree we didn't miss him with the exception of Prague. My main concern with selling Tav and relying on Patterson would be seeing how he coped after a bad game in front of the Ibrox crowd. Ultimately though I agree we can't hold him back at such a crucial stage.
  8. There is no other striker, in fact player, in the league scores that.
  9. Absolutely. I actually hope that is his main job. He still wants to play and he loves this club but we could not guarantee him as much football so I imagine this was a sweetner.
  10. Player coach....Dual wages so bumped up to £120k PW.
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