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  1. We've lost her mum this year, my grandad and my uncle (big mason). Lost a work mate to Covid also but reading some on here I've no lost as much as some. 55 would be a good way to top off a bad period for so many.
  2. Levels. We have Clive Tyldesley and they have Peter Martin. Their TV package is fucking disgusting.
  3. It's easily a red mate. Reminds me of Porteous tackle on Barisic.
  4. They are woeful. Should 100 be down to ten men.
  5. Doesny seem right. Worth keeping an eye on.
  6. Rookie mistake this season mate. Those are sore ones to take when they score so late but with big office Duffy at the back you know there is hope. I woke my two year old screaming when Hibs scored.
  7. Dont think they are mate. Livingston game they are depleted. The following game they are ok unless I've missed something. Other answer is ye canny burn a shite and ye canny disease the already diseased.
  8. I take a hammering off my mates but if were no playing I always watch their games until they score then I turn it off. Over the last few seasons it's been torture but this season I watch them and don't turn off as much as there is always hope his team are going to capitulate and boy have they. Had some great times watching the bastards this season.
  9. Fuck this null and void chat. 6 more games and were there anyway. 75% of 38 games = 28.5. So Kilmarnock at home 13th Feb is basically 75% of games played. (Halftime away to Livingston 28th Feb if we are being persnickety).
  10. He's talking about it. That's all. It's actually quite misinterpreted (deliberately) by sky sports. However my point stands, it's a big topic/issue and this is a place where bears can get the views of people who are not agenda driven against Rangers. No need for it to be taken down.
  11. Why? Jason Leitch is at it as well now. This is a go to place for bears to discuss an issue which is on everyone's fears/thoughts. All the scaremongering that's being portrayed by the media can be scary for a lot of Rangers fans so this topic may be somewhere for them to come and get a bit of perspective from an agenda not driven by the Fenian.
  12. It's a good statement. However even if Falkirk voted yes, I find it difficult to have any sympathy for any club in Scotland. They took turns at throwing stones at us when we were on our knees and even after all that, we stepped up and provided the platform for change only for them to shit the bed.
  13. As much as I love the video, I still canny believe some of us are celebrating like it's over. Still a lot of football to be played. Don't begrudge anyone enjoying this though as it's been one big cunt of a decade for us but we still need to win something.
  14. 💯 However this season of all seasons can see anything happen. Covid, null & void, Regi Blinker resigning for them and scoring hat tricks til the end of the season. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Just want us over the line now but still too scared to celebrate.......just yet
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