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  1. So DJ has played for Rangers AND shagged a lesbian.... Not all superheroes wear capes.
  2. Lost two years development at a crucial stage when he joined Liverpool. Had great potential. Always respected him whilst at Liverpool he said he would never have went to celtic on loan when they were sniffing about.
  3. The week they signed Duffer and Barkinarse was pretty good as it turns out.
  4. Hope so but Sunday is a totally different game. We can't sit in deep and we need to be on the front foot.
  5. Happy just being there. Good chance we can go beyond group stages. Perfect start. I think once the champions League teams drop down it is slightly out of our reach. Teams like Leverkusen.
  6. This is the sole reason I bet with bet365. They always have Rangers back with posts.
  7. So comfortable in Europe. In Gerrard's time here there is only one team who have outplayed us in Leverkusen.
  8. What happened there at the end? Was that one of their coaches?
  9. Rhabid caller number 5 is splendid. "2 seasons ago Rangers were 5 years behind us. Now they're 3 years ahead of us." John Kennedy to blame also. Also wants them to go get Eddie Howe. Love a Fenian meltdown.
  10. The fact that you named the topic after yourself just sums you up chap. Never change jersey....
  11. Earlier this season I was saying he was passed it. Today said in my group chat he was the first midfiled player on the team sheet today. Shows what the fuck I know.
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