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  1. can’t see them winning every game until we play them either mate, want it over and let the months of partying commence
  2. Motherwell when they scored in about 5 mins and were hard to break down. We scored 3 in last 15 mins
  3. Wasn’t the prettiest but St J set up well, we won’t win every game comfortably of course that’s it down to 17 points needed touching distance for us now. Thankfully my VST worked well seen a lot on my twitter and Facebook saying theirs didn’t
  4. Well that’s my ban up on it to try log in and fully banned haha
  5. I’m sure I seen it was that price next season mate I could well be mistaken and you’re correct with it being an 18 month ticket
  6. They did mate yes, ridiculous. Someone on twitter mentioned it also
  7. Was going to make another thread but if anyone is looking for tunes ahead of the game tomorrow, with a lot of loyalist songs being took off YouTube my mate has made his own page and added a lot with the Platoon, Bluenotes etc.
  8. I’ve yet to meet anyone I know from games or bus that back the idea. Get it as far to fuck as possible it would be a red neck
  9. Think I’m last warning now on it but it’s a sad day when you can’t have a debate
  10. Cheers mate! Match threads are always fun will be even better when we’ve people who’ve forgot to register a new account for their VST on RTV haha
  11. Agreed mate, spoke to a few I know personally that post on it and said that’s why you’ve been banned. I’m all for taking the pish out them we’re dienit but that’s a step to far
  12. Not sure why I was banned, I think it was for getting quite annoyed at the “YNWA” thread about our fans singing it in honesty I was half cut haha
  13. Fair mate just had that the other day then remembered I had a log in here I never used and just browsed, I quite enjoying seeing all opinions tbh
  14. Watched that tonight, Clancy is a cheat that was obvious piggery last season. But the linesman is standing watching it, then the offside is fucking baffling in line and misses. Killie again showed up there poor defending every time ball went in the box they looked uneasy. We’re due them a hammering
  15. I’ll agree with that if I don’t get a ban for disagreeing with admin with like there
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