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  1. play it smart Rangers. if they open up to try actually score they will regret it and be slaughtered.
  2. they are all just little rats at the end of the day who tried to kill us, and hate us with every breath. and do not doubt these rats will take money from us if it saves them. they have no pride, dignity or common sense. i wonder how their finances would have been if we were not hounded down the leagues. i guarantee it would be nowhere near as bad now. all that for hatred. who needs foresight. all i know is Rangers fans will always support their club better than anyone else supports their own team.
  3. people argued he was good despite his atrocious stats as a striker. but what top player does not have the stats for it. enlighten me.
  4. stats are a pish metric. are you emile heskey ?
  5. Lessons are not being learned by gerrard. He has no ability to deal with teams that play defensively. we seem to buy everything but a decent right winger.
  6. when did i say toilet paper shortage was in comparison to world war 2 , well i hope its world war 2 you meant and not world war 11. you would come across madder than you already are. and assuming i have lots to learn. your just being ignorant and assumptive. i agree there are many people who need to learn. but im a history nerd, or at least its my favourite subject as i get older. makes me even more proud and determined being british and of clan maclean.
  7. ''they'' ''their'' says all i need to know about you.
  8. a was referring to the people who went mental. where did i say i went mental over toilet paper ya whalloper. i guess you dont need to worry about that as your carer does it for you. 37 posts, are you some secret wandering taig, come to infiltrate Rangers fans covid 19 conversations...............
  9. world war 11 , you need to get back in that time machine mate.
  10. calm down eh ? i am calm mate. most of the country has been shielded by furlough. and everyone is always keen to remind the damage to the economy that three months of nothing moving has done. People went mental over toilet roll and your saying if a second lockdown happens and our already decimated economy goes through that again that people wont riot over it. solely for economical reasons we wont go into a second lockdown.
  11. how do you get herd immunity when it will mutate into a new strain and come back. just like all the other covid strains and the flu. People seem to gloss over this point or not address it. herd immunity is a fallacy. agreed people need to be responsible and i agree even more we cannot stop it now. only scientists in that field working on yearly vaccines like the flu will do humanity much good now. people will riot if there is another lockdown. no one has the will or the srength for it i believe.
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