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  1. they would have their whole club on furlough if they went for aaron ramsey at juventus.
  2. oh how the tables turn. when last season collapse happened they laughed at null and void. now it is the only thing that they think can save them.
  3. am guessing they dropped shane duffy in the under 18s and whacked him with furlough to save a fortune each week in wages.
  4. came back from a serious health issue and has improved with every game/season. i love helander and balogun. especially balogun. when he plays CB then all our defense are considered ball playing defender, and have goal threats about them. but goldson is clearly our strongest. he has tweaked his game to cut out his previous errors and what we see now is a defender well and truly about to reach his prime. he can score , he can pass. he can do it all. and he english. easily worth 20 milion. with the foreign rule coming into play in Britain. reliable british players will be huge
  5. sfa to hibs '' do not worry if celtic players infect your club with a virus and risk your players lives. well jut move your cup fixture........................................IF REQUIRED''
  6. celtic a few weeks back ''it is only 7 points and were winning again.'' celtic after losing the old firm game '' played them off the park we can claw it back if we win our old firms games'' celtic after drawing against hibs .......................................... never thought i would see the day celtic would be terrified of livingston.
  7. know your pain mate. i thought we were an early kick off today. been anxious since this moring.
  8. same but i tend to keep it under control. but the old firm game at brox there, even though we were winning and they had a player sent off i was nervous as fuck in the dying minutes.
  9. biggest season of our lives. surprised half the people on here have not had a nervous breakdown yet. can you imagine the nerves on here when were a few games away from winning the league.
  10. became a big fan of him. hes found a good place at southampton and is proving his critics wrong.
  11. been saying it for a while , liverpool and man city have peaked with their teams and need a rebuild in the next year or two max. i think also liverpool are tiring. they have played alot of football the past 3 years and its been mostly the same team every week. and their strikers aint exactly young anymore. will only take 1 team going on a decent run to win the league down there.
  12. they are mentally hurting so bad right now they are bound to get more erratic with every game and day closer to us winning the league.
  13. ever since we played benfica we have had teams try to copy them and play a high press and stifle our defenders and midfield from getting a fluid passing game going. its very hard and risky to try run round players when teams play two blocks of 5 and constantly defend , waiting for a counter. although our form is not brilliant it is far from being bad. i just think we need to tinker with our tactics a little bit going forward. find a counter to teams high pressing our back line. and we will march on. a quiet week for us is really needed. just to get energy back in the players leg
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