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  1. so celtic will have a new chief at the top , a new director of football, a new captain and a new manager ? and lots of average players on good wages hopefully. they are doing fuck all for the forseeable future. There is no spine to that club.
  2. your saying a supremely gifted footballer would struggle in the modern day with all the sport science and advancements we have made since he was playing ? he would probably be far better than he was. if it makes others better then why not pele. let me guess maradonna would be shite too if he was playing now because the balls are different and his dribbling would be worse?
  3. i would rather take a risk in keeping our players and trying to get into the champions league. even 1 year in that competition will earn us more than selling our players. i dont think it is ridiculous to hold on to such an asset when he cost us next to nothing and has performed at a level which would probably use up our transfer funds or more to replace him.
  4. they had a very talented first team but yeah the depth was nowhere near where it has to be.
  5. hibs had a team of youth like this 10-15 years ago that reminds me of what your saying. just didnt have the manager or board to really go for it. they had a lot of good players who went on to do very well.
  6. look how many english teams make the final or semi final compared to the rest. excluding spain of couse this generation of trophies belongs to that nation it seems in euro football. english teams until recently did not take the europa league seriously.
  7. alfredo has my blessing if he gets the good deal in the premier league that he is after. after a shakey start he now can play a different style up top and has a league winners medal in his pocket now. england pay silly money. always sell to english teams
  8. that sounds like a grind mate. i smash elite 1 and div rivals but never reached that high. how you feel about rewards. to be honest they seem a bit shit for the winners.
  9. 2018 or 2019 it was i packed icon raul from a gold pack. got 3 million for it and fifa was easier that year. this year i started less than 2 weeks ago and everyone is so fa ahead so sniping my furlough time away to catch up. who would you say your favourite icon to play with is ? hagi was amazing the tim i had him for a few days waiting on his price going up
  10. brendan rodgers has a record of bottling it in europe and they did that at home against this mob. they are dangerous but i believe we are going to go through. we dodged teams from spain , england and italy. and avoided europa league masters in shaktar and a strong ajax. no doubt about it the team will be loving that draw,
  11. does anyone do any sniping/trading on the market. swear i played weekend league and the amount of special cards and icons was just stupid. currently on 660k. hoping to hit the 1 million mark by monday. sat on wednesday snapping up juan mata cards for 500 coins to 1000 max and selling for 2700 straight away. a fie fifa day. even managed to buy myself an 89 rated hagi. definitely the plan for those who play fifa alot but dont have that much time to grind out games to make money.
  12. we have hit the stage where i believe we can be content and proud on what is another great euro campaign for the third year in a row since our return to europe. im really excited to see what we can do now we have reached this target. Will we have a chance to wrap up the league before our next euro game. would make a lot of difference focus wise.
  13. been at ultimate team now for my 4th day today. went full french team. just trying to save up 40-50k at a time now to replace the 81 rated players, only need kante and mbpappe and it is done. alot of grinding still for this game with a shite 500-700 coins a match. they should at least double that every game. it is stupid how hard it is to get players without paying.
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