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  1. over 100 points, new clean sheet record. new record for goals conceded. 100 percent record at home. 20+ points ahead in the league. unbeaten home and away all season. half the budget of our rivals and our players were under the most pressure i would argue a Rangers player has ever had to face in a long long time. were unbeaten in europe right through to the knockout stages. won our group with benfica in there who spent a fortune after the sale of felix to athletico madrid.(100 million) but aye st johnstone deserve it. dont know who the played in the league cup but apart from beating
  2. so can your gif of a celtic fan who made money ripping the pish out of Rangers. glad lawells children are not hurt but the man deserves everything the world can throw at him and more. terrorist supporting , peedo protecting scumbag is all he is.
  3. no your an idiot. you suggested i was willing children to be harmed when i said nothing of the sort. the man covered up the rape and abuse of children for numerous decades. many live broken lives and many probably took their own lives. waste your day any way you want but dont hit me with that shite. i never mentioned kids or any harm towards them. just sitrring shite to suit your point
  4. i did not wish death on his child. only more destruction of his property and his life made as miserable as possible. i think that is fair considering the countless lives that were ruined by in his inability to do the right thing and his decades of silence. what the fuck is wrong with you that you take from my message that i want children harmed. lunatic.
  5. then maybe he should not do things that would incite hatred on him and his family for his actions.
  6. so celtic will have a new chief at the top , a new director of football, a new captain and a new manager ? and lots of average players on good wages hopefully. they are doing fuck all for the forseeable future. There is no spine to that club.
  7. the panic at the end of the game for them tell's us all we ever would need to know about that team.
  8. hmmmmmmmm is st mirren about to give lennon his mowbray moment. if im right was tht heavy loss to st mirren which got mowbray sacked led to his appointment? if so its hilarious. another two goals please st mirren and the biggest metldown of the lot of them will happen. until we win the league of course.
  9. a little harsh. maybe a warning that you may end up brain dead through disbelief reading that as i had to stop after 2 minutes. came out of those 2 minutes wondering why i hate myself so much to read that shite.
  10. he left inter because he wanted money. he left newcastle because he wanted more money. he went to china for mega money. i doubt celtic are the team in this current climate to give him a war chest to build a team. hopefully they sign him. gerrard i believe was not that keen on him. give the gaffer extra motivation to skelp that lot for a good while longer.
  11. hard for it to happen at valencia when he left at the height of his success there with the team he inherited. why then at liverpool where he had more money and higher chances of signing better players could he not win a league and had to be bailed out by gerrard in a final? people mention inter, he lasted 6 months......
  12. the fact that benitez spent a fortune at liverpool and he left newcastle because of a lack of funds pretty much means the celtic job would not be appealing to him.
  13. they seem to forget most of his success was from from teams he did not build. look what his squad building did to liverpools finances. and like i have said before the great rafa was 3-0 down at half time in a champions league final and was bailed out by steven gerrard. then you look at newcastle, that team he left was minging and all he could do was blame ashley and run to china.
  14. okay he did well with a team he did not assemble at valencia. are you overlooking that. that team had reached two successive champions league finals prior to him taking over.
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