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  1. let me know how bad the scripting is. got annoying having a 15 million coin team and my defence which is on 2 depth and drop back camping at the halfway line.
  2. the vaccines out right now are shite product. i will wait for the good gear then consider it. anyone sitting worried if someone is vaccinated or not when they have had their jab are sad bastards.
  3. he does not fit our style of play. a very strange signing. i wonder if gerrard was planning on changing his tactics at one point to a style that suits itten.
  4. hopefully someone in our league is half decent this year and goes on a little run and they end up 3rd or 4th.
  5. it is heading that way i feel. i think he would be a perfect signing for a team like everton or leicester. he would improve them. will end up back at arsenal and utterly ruined by that club.
  6. over 100 points, new clean sheet record. new record for goals conceded. 100 percent record at home. 20+ points ahead in the league. unbeaten home and away all season. half the budget of our rivals and our players were under the most pressure i would argue a Rangers player has ever had to face in a long long time. were unbeaten in europe right through to the knockout stages. won our group with benfica in there who spent a fortune after the sale of felix to athletico madrid.(100 million) but aye st johnstone deserve it. dont know who the played in the league cup but apart from beating us on penalties there biggest result was 2-0 against clyde. scraped through every other game.
  7. so can your gif of a celtic fan who made money ripping the pish out of Rangers. glad lawells children are not hurt but the man deserves everything the world can throw at him and more. terrorist supporting , peedo protecting scumbag is all he is.
  8. no your an idiot. you suggested i was willing children to be harmed when i said nothing of the sort. the man covered up the rape and abuse of children for numerous decades. many live broken lives and many probably took their own lives. waste your day any way you want but dont hit me with that shite. i never mentioned kids or any harm towards them. just sitrring shite to suit your point
  9. i did not wish death on his child. only more destruction of his property and his life made as miserable as possible. i think that is fair considering the countless lives that were ruined by in his inability to do the right thing and his decades of silence. what the fuck is wrong with you that you take from my message that i want children harmed. lunatic.
  10. then maybe he should not do things that would incite hatred on him and his family for his actions.
  11. there is not much money going around right now so someone will be sold. there is no avoiding this. as long as we have roughly the same squad going into next season i will be happy. its a bit unlucky to be challenging for champions league football this summer when we are not financially able to push the boat out to secure it. but if we win the league this year then we are guaranteed to be in it. That is what im hoping for. im just glad our players have a few years of euro football on their CV and a title win now.
  12. i did not know liverpool and man utd fans were hated for their religious beliefs and political stances like we are.
  13. ronald wattereus would like to say hello
  14. anyone saying they would not jump at a chance to join the premier league is talking shite. every other week we highlight how this rancid country does nothing but stick the boot in at us. we are hated and despised. i think it comes down to 2 decisions. your happy with what you got and accept Rangers wont progress further than their current level. or we go down south , and have a real mountain to climb to return to the top , but the benefits would be much more.
  15. tav i feel sorry for. scoring lots of goals. being part of a solid defence. title winning captain still unbeaten. high quality performances in europe for the past 2 years. against the likes of porto who recently were in the champions league quarters. he could go to a mid table team in the premier league and play half as good and be more likely to get a call up.
  16. as if englands football association would dare ruin their finaicial haven of a league by geting rid of the top 6 teams that make them so much money. if they kicked those 6 out the quality goes down and the finances. The english FA will blow smoke for a while but ultimately that will be it. they will rely on uefa/fifa for support to stop this. and those organisations are corrupt as fuck. so expect little from them. just waiting on sepp blatter being announced as ESL chief.
  17. i have to pick mcgregor over goram. it is not even close anymore. mcgregor has not dropped his level in over a decade. and i doubt he ever will.
  18. aribo and kent have been fantastic. every time aribo gets the ball hes such a skillful player
  19. so celtic will have a new chief at the top , a new director of football, a new captain and a new manager ? and lots of average players on good wages hopefully. they are doing fuck all for the forseeable future. There is no spine to that club.
  20. your saying a supremely gifted footballer would struggle in the modern day with all the sport science and advancements we have made since he was playing ? he would probably be far better than he was. if it makes others better then why not pele. let me guess maradonna would be shite too if he was playing now because the balls are different and his dribbling would be worse?
  21. i would rather take a risk in keeping our players and trying to get into the champions league. even 1 year in that competition will earn us more than selling our players. i dont think it is ridiculous to hold on to such an asset when he cost us next to nothing and has performed at a level which would probably use up our transfer funds or more to replace him.
  22. they had a very talented first team but yeah the depth was nowhere near where it has to be.
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