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  1. a win tonight to qualify while on the same night the tarriers get put out is a must. got to keep the meltdown levels high for them. tough game but they are not world beaters.
  2. defensive midfielder for me. no nonsense like the great makelele. but you do learn and appreciate players like davis. he adapted to his role too, i remember under walter we played him out on the right. he played at the highest level for a good 4 years in the premier league at least and never look out of his depth. shed a decade off him and he would be worth a fortune.
  3. who was it that was praising davis and saying how much of a great captain he was at southampton. was it pochetino ? i just think a lack of games nearly ended davis career early, but as he goes on and on he is at his very best again. although he does need rested more.
  4. kevin thomson was a way better football player than brown. thank fuck we signed the right one that window.
  5. the fanny has made a career out of shoulderbarging people , elbowing and hacking anyone that is faster/better than him in the middle of the park and hes some messiah who is aboe being punished for it. really glad we got our act together as the prick was close to leaving them a year or two back with 10 in a row the only thing keeping him here. i havent seen him do the blessing thing before. but i have saw him in his Rangers top. thankfully hes not that smart and coaching/managing wont work for him. just need to mute him when hes in the studios before old firms talking bout he conquere
  6. the amount of obsessed people i have spoke to over the years that foam over the mouth about griffiths two goals against england in my work. even when you remind who was in goal that day
  7. Fifa 19 i lost a match in the drafts. Got a gold pac and it gave me a icon raul. sold for three million.
  8. anyone else protecting a lead in the second half , playing a deep defensive line then the opposition hit a through ball to mbappe who runs by your defensive line parked on the half way spot or right next too it.
  9. anyone playing fifa online needs their head examined if they did not now how bad the scripting is in that game. your players literally turn to dog meat if your in control of the match and gies the other player a blatantly easy win in the second half. been around that long and it is in PES aswell literaly makes your team dogshite on ultimate team intentionally so you either sell your team which you get 5 percent taken off for every one sold. And forces you to buy packs because you think your team is not good enough. then there is divisions where your 1 win away from qualifying an
  10. up in heaven running rings round the england team hopefully. he had his problems but for 90 mins of a football game the man got as close to perfection as possible.
  11. smashing resident evil 2 in super fast times was so much fun. and because you could not just save it to get the top rank it added that extra element of fear into the game. Hate how the games went after the third one. the first one and the second one are iconic titles.
  12. the latest god of war showed how a game can still blow my mind. a masterpiece in gaming and storytelling.
  13. naw you need a spacesuit if you leave the ship. and you need a spaceship to get to space.
  14. spaceship. inside it strapped in. how would you get there?
  15. celtic fans paying to see Rangers is a common thing these days.
  16. they keep their boiler on the outside of the space ship ??
  17. lennon not learned his mistakes since he left hibs i recon and only a matter of time before he implodes on the team like a vile little cunt of a man he is. thats if it has not already happened yet. that tarrier xmas ad is so fucking weird and cringe. especially leigh griffiths. he will be a junkie when he hangs those boots up. state of him.
  18. no point giving players to aberdeen. they will throw away a lead or get pumped with messi and ronaldo in the squad every game against celtic. give them to kilmarnock. like them more without that rabid clarke as manager.
  19. lets just be honest. no one is laughing at Rangers now. They are scared and they are bitter when they play us and when they think about us. The team has stepped up somuch. Last season morelos was our best player and now he is probably not in anyone top 5 right now. Not just one player has raised his game to help out the team. they all have. like someone said its so important the young ones see a Rangers team of high quality.
  20. chernobyl esque meltdown every other day it seems now.
  21. it is a fantastic record for us. almost unbelievable right now. and it gets better with every game.
  22. always an honour to watch defoe pull on the jersey and strut his stuff for us.
  23. morelos used his strength for good use a couple of times in the first half but that is about it. hope he has a better second half.
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