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  1. It’s heartbreaking to think about those of us no longer with us to celebrate 55. I’m in my mid 50’s and lost two of my mates recently I grew up with. One three years ago & one five years ago. Both Rangers men through and through. They will never know 55 and how special it will be. The journey to hell and back. Rangers champions again. I think it’s important at this time we also all take time out to remember those no longer with us to celebrate our 55th title and how special it’s going to be
  2. They say it’s not over til the fat lady sings......but she’s left her seat and making her way to the stage now 🍾
  3. Morelos still our best striker like it or not if you exclude Defoe. For me Itten doesn’t look like he’d ever get 25-30 goals per season & i’m not convinced Roofe likes to play the central role up front
  4. Doubt it very much we’ll sign Zungu after getting the lad from Bournemouth
  5. Hagi effectively set up the first goal & scored the third. A good evening’s work.
  6. I thought at the time their goal at the end was offside as you say
  7. Glad I’m not the only one who thought their goal at the end was offside. When the cross comes in a here’s at least one offside
  8. ManUtd have £500m debts . Are they getting kicked out of European football? 🤠
  9. FWIW I’d like to see both Itten and Morelos playing from the start in the next game against Kilmarnock next Saturday. Can we play 2 up front?
  10. The SFA don't have the money for an expensive court case at CAS which they will lose
  11. The wee tax case had to be paid by Whyte. It was one of the conditions of the sale from SDM to him. He never paid it as we now know
  12. Forrester lacks the commitment required at the level we want to be at. SG will realise this very quickly.
  13. When Murphy arrived in January he looked well short of match sharpness. Understandable given the number of games he'd had until then. He looks decent but he's 30 next year & a new manager may well want younger players
  14. Can see this getting messy. Don’t think Pena will return. He’ll need to be sacked.
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