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  1. For sure, whoever we draw will know they've been in a game. What Gerrard and the staff have brought to this group has been incredible.
  2. Couldn't happen to a more deserving individual. Remember him giggling with Sutton's " Rangers shambles" rant? What a season this is !!!
  3. I'm sure Buff will have a wee word or two with him just to cheer him up if we do win it at theirs.
  4. So many consistently good performances from so many players throughout the team , very difficult to single out one individual. Tough choice but I'll go with Goldson for durability, reliability, leadership and those goals at their pit.
  5. Not sure they'll need to throw one of the next two games to avoid losing it to us at theirs tbh. They're just not that good in all honesty.
  6. Come on Neic, don't hold back. Tell it like it is........." It's someone else's fault"
  7. Quality, class, composure, skill and desire. They have absolutely none of these attributes.
  8. His progression as a player since joining Rangers about 18 months ago is a testament to both his ability and the quality of coaching from SG and staff. He was fantastic today and I believe can get better.
  9. Get the pitch sorted for next season please - pretty much kills our short passing one touch stuff.
  10. Just want three points, no injuries or cards please. Not too bothered about performance or anything else today.
  11. It's undeniable that Buff is treated differently by both the media and referees. Whether he helps himself or not is up for debate, but perhaps his on field frustrations are borne from this. Don't think he had much in the way of disciplinary issues in his albeit short career prior to joining Rangers.
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