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  1. Im not sure what these cunts were like before they went to that shit hole. But within a few months after they join they are vile ignorant classless cunts, no respect, nothing from them, they are gracious not in victory or defeat.
  2. Where's that cunt that hates us, is it Micheal Stewart. Seen Sportscene at 6pm earlier and he wasn't their, hope he's crying in a corner and losing the plot, cunt that he is.
  3. Yeah, after I posted that I knew someone would be on to correct me, so I just left it,
  4. You even seen it with Gary McAllister in the dugout today, seen a big smile on his face in the last minute when we were just playing it out down at the corner flag. It's as if he was bursting inside for the whistle and knew just getting that win today and getting to the top of the league even though they have a game in hand is a positive from where we have been and where we are now. Keep it going Rangers.
  5. Had to watch it in a pub which I thought would be quiet, no problems up until I would say the last half hour when they started drifting in. Cunts were speaking that it was never a goal. Saying when they were watching it and it was definitely offside. Loved it, faces sitting tripping them even though they were going to a Cup Final. Must be niggling doubts up in their wee taig braincells that we are maybe, just maybe the real deal this year. Heres hoping.
  6. , would be funny but it's a good possibility, someone on the forum said they had put a tenner on us to get a player sent off today. Not quite sure who it was, they posted it yesterday.
  7. It's been a slog and up and mostly downs going to games before this season. But now I'm genuinely buzzing for these teams coming, want them fucked by a few, hopefully a lot. Payback for last year of them coming down and beating us, start making amends and beat these cunts and putting them back in their place. Confident of a win, maybe even a three nil.
  8. Agree, the young boy who came on for us against Motherwell, never remember his name and he's booted in the air down at the corner flag, not even on twenty minutes and he's subbed. In fact not even subbed, just came off as we had used them all at that time. Got a bit of talent in scotland, answer is boot him up in the air.
  9. About the fans, this is what they do, they have been doing it for years and they are up there with the best! We Are The People,
  10. Had twenty quid on Champ yesterday at Newbury, got it at 4/1 so a hundred back on that, just had this up as well. So Rangers tomorrow with Chelsea -1 or 2, not decided yet and Bochum away.
  11. Think that was the idea at beginning of the season.
  12. How is this going to work then, I got me and the boy a season book in Broomloan Rear this year, I take it mines is paid for, but his will just come out my bank as usual as fifty pound or so.
  13. Think the games been abandoned, floodlight failure or the lurgan bigot has been kicking water bottles at them, cunts, Took Kilmarnock on my coupon as well, fuck knows what happens now.
  14. Agree, went in to put my lottery on earlier and the front page of the record was Gersfellas I think it was, fuck sake, don't even need to look for stuff to write about us, embarresing.
  15. Yeah someone says that, must have looked at video evidence in the ground then just waited until he was leaving.
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