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  1. Heading into Glasgow to watch this on Sunday, any recommendations on best places to go?
  2. I wanted to believe in Pedro. I think we have been unlucky today but we need someone in who knows how to win these games regardless of anything else. His signings have been good but I don't think he will cut it.
  3. Its disappointing he never kicked on from a few good performances in the Championship. The fee is a bit low but still better than losing him for nothing.
  4. Hopefully this means Morelos will start in front of Waghorn on Tuesday
  5. Hearts or hibs away first game I reckon. Either way we should get the win!
  6. Never short of effort but not good enough. Brilliant to get some money back for him
  7. Good performance so far, disappointed to not have a couple more. Same again second half Rangers
  8. It was the sort of thing I expect from a team trying to hang onto a draw, no idea what he was thinking at 2 nil down
  9. I think he's had a solid start. Couple of decent results. He needs backed in the summer to show what he can really do
  10. It's a blow for them and all good for us, especially if that big lump Biton is played instead
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