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  1. Too much hate in this world. I forgave Miller for wearing the filthy green so I'd forgive Naismith IF he did the business on the park and in Europe for us.
  2. I've seen some cunt call him Krankyer
  3. Bet they shat themselves when we scored I know I nearly did when I first heard the Ibrox roar as a boy
  4. ? ffs They must have felt like complete knobs sat there exposed between the home support and in full view of the audience watching at home. Embarrassing Get small away supports hidden somewhere and re-claim the corner.
  5. Waghorn looking well up for the game tonight. Give the guy a chance!
  6. I've downgraded my 4-0 prediction to 2-0. Don't agree with the line up but let's judge the game and decisions once it's over.
  7. We will have a strong team i'm sure. Always a slip up on the cards with the first game with basically strangers. However, with a loud support, I'm certain we'll be too strong. 4-0 the Gers.
  8. Guan yersel Candy Ass!
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