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  1. This. My uncle died last year and it hurts me to know that he never got to see us win again. He was the man I phoned after every game and this would have meant the world to him. I honestly think ill go off the deep end for a couple of weeks when we win it. Gladly.
  2. Mind the day he went to watch the Liverpool game but really he was offering the job to gerrard? I was fuckin raging as well. Glad it happened now 😄
  3. Just had a look on their forum. If you want a laugh there's plenty more like that 😂. They all agreed that its a disgrace them going to dubai
  4. Jack Ross apparently accepted the job according to twitter
  5. It was and it was McCann who recommended him to us as well, I believe.
  6. Was taking it easy the night, went and saw my cousin in easterhouse and the cunt has got me full of prop. Fuck it too the shop I go
  7. What did you expect? I guess you wanted to be offended and well done on getting what you want.
  8. Geo17


    I think Flanagan is always just going to be more suited in games we are against the cosh. Anytime we seem to be flying high in a game his lapses in concentration seem to be more apparent.
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