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  1. World Cup winners...
  2. Absolute stinking rat fuck, get it right up him. Would never tire of punching his face.
  3. Thats what I'm thinking/hoping. We've no really came out of second gear yet this year which has been frustrating but I'm more than happy for that to change against them.
  4. Honestly mate at this point I wouldn't rule it out 😂 this shit just doesn't end
  5. Even when having a bit of a shite game, Hagi pulls that out. Wow
  6. Jordan Campbell seems to think it was 2.5 for itten and 3.5 for roofe.
  7. Dont think we could have asked for better in all honesty!
  8. Our priority remains getting fans back into Ibrox when it is safe to do so. Ibrox won’t be the same without the passion and pride displayed by our loyal support. As promised, we look forward to rewarding our season ticket holders for their loyalty to our beloved club with live access to every home game via RangersTV, and we are delighted to welcome several exciting new faces and famous stars onto our RangersTV punditry and commentary team. We have promised to deliver the highest quality match day experience for our Season Ticket holders through a temporary, virtual matchday package.
  9. https://www.Rangers.co.uk/Article/rangerstv-announce-live-broadcast-line-up/25Zz5pV4EE7hjuAkvKdaOG
  10. Couldnt agree anymore, Switzerlands league has got to be pretty close in quality to ours so I would have thought he would be priced around the same amount as Morelos. If not more with a better scoring record.
  11. Aye could be, I would imagine we would hold out for other teams to hopefully show interest as well.
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