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  1. Aye, my 2nd vaccine isnt for another 3 weeks so I was in two minds about going but just gonna chance it. Im in the broomloan so if I get a knockback ill just jump to another que
  2. Cheers, I think it should be alright. Was workin in a couples flat today who were at their game yesterday and they said that they never noticed anyone checking and others only asking if they had received the vaccine but no checking
  3. Need 1 adult for this please
  4. Been aer 2 fuckin years. Don't let those dogs forget it
  5. Him on the pitch tonight was literally worse than a man down for us.
  6. I hope we go back to the 4313 formation in the last old firm with hagi sitting behind morelos and roofe. It was he first time morelos actually played well in a 2 as well. Last time it was Kent sitting behind but he's been pretty awful as of late.
  7. First time sitting in my new seat. Views no bad.
  8. What round of the europa league qualifiers do we drop into?
  9. Anybody around me trying to get in with a smart card were all knocked back
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