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  1. Caixinha rapped: “The slogan ‘We Are The People’ will be stamped on the walls for both our players and opponents to feel the strength of Rangers.” Caixinha is loving life in Scotland so far and added: “The Rangers fans are full of hope, the Celtic fans are upbeat and excited and that’s normal because they have won six titles in a row. “Only once have I been bothered. In the centre of the city, a drunk Celtic fan upset me, but it was nothing. “The centre of Glasgow is beautiful like the rest of the city.” Caixinha knows he can’t buy time as he rebuilds Gers but he’ll take Ni
  2. We finally have a manager who thinks like the fans and has the balls to make decisions. Well done Pedro!!
  3. He can't run about for 90 minutes in a tough game away at e.g. sheep tarriers. He is more suited to a slower pace match at home to 10 men behind the ball.
  4. People like this are poison at our club. Several players making their debut. It's like starting a new job and doing a show in front of a vast audience after a few practice sessions. Expecting miracles and free flowing action. Don't bother coming back if you are going to moan like fuck after one match. I think many people are happy how Pedro is going about his business. He isn't taking shit from the players with attitude problems and he is signing what looks like decent players from abroad and in Scotland. People like you need to grow up and have patience. No club in th
  5. Performs well but doesn't look like a good defender. It is a weird one. He doesn't shy from challenges which is pleasing.
  6. Best referee decision I have ever seen where Dallas after getting hit with a coin had the balls to award us a penalty. Most would have turned a blind eye to avoid more trouble.
  7. No need to read and pay towards that shite. The less we pay them, The quicker they go out of business. Nobody cares about these "journalists"
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