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  1. No, no no Wasnt anything special first time around, has done fuck all since leaving and is now about 80 year old This is not the answer
  2. Definitely think you’re right with him not seeing the bigger picture He always wants to over complicate it too often for me and that’s whenver he’s not just content to just check back and keep the ball Great on the ball and people can’t take it off him but he just doesn’t seem to have that drive that we need him to have as the attacker in the 3.
  3. He seemed happy enough with them until 80 minutes ??‍♀️ Was 2m Grezda not good enough quality to warrant a 15-20 minute cameo against a team of nobodies
  4. Would like him to make quicker decisions when he has the ball at his feet rather than waving his arms about like a big fairy but he was much better on the ball today carrying it forward and showing some ambition
  5. Ejaria always comes short to Goldson to take the ball and then knocks it straight back to him.......
  6. Small team mentality, turning up with no confidence that we’ll win Probably playing with the fear of taking another humbling off the scum in the final They have worse players than us but they’re so delusional that they think they’re great and go into every game confident. I wish we were half as assured
  7. Flanagan would be good as right back cover but he’s so fucking awkward and predictable down the left
  8. The refs decision making was bizzare at times but not bribery levels of bizarre IMO. He seemed to need a moment or two of convincing before he gave us any decision but any Spartak players went down and immediately whistle was blown Sums it up that we conceded more fouls and 2-2 on bookings against a team that kicked the shit out of us as a game plan, poor refereeing performance overall but no corruption
  9. As always we’ll take it to the last game at home to the hardest team in the group, probably fall behind and you never know scrape through in a scary game with 2+ goals for each team It’s the Rangers Rollercoaster way
  10. I’ll take any referee as long as it’s not Collum or Thomson Those 2 will take any opportunity to ruin a game and become the centre of attention, how they seem to be our 2 top rated refs is beyond me
  11. A running theme with SNP/Yes types. Love the sound of their own propaganda
  12. Hearts couldn’t handle the pace, got gubbed and we stopped playing so the score looked a bit better for them, in truth we could’ve ran up a cricket score in that game when they went down to 10. Hamilton we were terrible but still miles the better team so ive no idea how they can come out saying they deserved anything other than the loss they took
  13. It looks like a combination of complacency and reluctance to play on the astro rather than tactics We played well going forward and created against Motherwell and Aberdeen despite the last minute disasters Ejaria as the ‘creator’ in our midfield three has to be braver on the ball and try to get us forward more often than he does in games like this rather than be content to play the backwards passes. At times today Rossiter and the 2 centre backs were on the halfway like waiting for someone to come and take the ball but the whole team had gone up for the long ball, Ejaria needs to be coming in to collect that ball and get us forward. I’m not sure if that is a tactical decision by Gerrard or a lack of responsibility taken by Ejaria and even Coulibaly who should be capable of picking the ball up and driving us forward I don’t think Candeias is suited to games where we’re on the front foot away from home,he does a much better job hassling teams who try to keep the ball against us in Europe and then getting in behind their defence when on the break, It might be worth giving Grezda a shot in games where Tav doesn’t need the cover Candeias provides Having Halliday at left back totally isolates Kent and our attack is far less effective down that side, Halliday is passable as a stop gap there but we look much better going forward with Barisic or even Flanagan when he’s playing like he did against Rapid in there giving us two attacking threats down each flank On the ball Goldson and whoever the other centre back is have to make much quicker decisions against teams who are sitting back, we win the ball dwell on it at the back and let them back into their shape far too often Other than that we look tremendous, now let’s ruin Spartak on Thursday and forget all about this moaning
  14. I understood why he didn’t make a change against Rapid because no one deserved to go off, we were overall playing well just not getting that break we needed Days like today when we were rotten he simply must make changes, McCrorie for Rossiter probably should’ve happened about the 60 odd minute mark and probably Candeias for one of Middleton or Grezda.
  15. Well played Stewart, gets his point across incredibly well Hopefully he does report the data breach to the ICO as their fines can be crippling. Fuck the SNP
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