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  1. That’s my point he wouldn’t have made the difference today because there was no quality coming from others in the team Disagree about Spartak though, thought for the most part the big captain had him in his back pocket just by being clever/experienced
  2. Nonsense Morelos and Lafferry played at Livi, no cutting edge Morelos played against Spartak, no cutting edge Morelos played against Hamilton and we offered nothing until their shit defender dug us out Im not saying Morelos is the problem but the team around him aren’t doing enough in the final third and he wouldn’t have made a difference today
  3. How many reactions do we need before we can actually just pull it together and win some games
  4. By the way we haven’t achieved anything yet Nor will we if we sit back and accept the garbage on display today
  5. Any aura we might’ve regained by doing well in Europe, beating Hearts and looking a bit better was totally shattered there If they didn’t already everyone now knows we are there for the taking
  6. He parried out a Tav shot to Ejaria who then done some twisting and turning rather than taking a shot if I remember right
  7. This is sugar coating and nonsense He’s revolutionised us from a team that can’t defend to team that cant break down 2 banks of four and conspires to concede against teams who’ve done nothing going forward which is more than concerning We’ve made great strides in Europe but I’d much rather we just win a trophy of some description before thinking about Europe. Tav is not our weakest link, shite corners or not. There’s no way this team as it is wins the league, I hope we can stay within a few points and improve vastly over the winter break
  8. And everyone gets another weekend to laugh at Rangers for the 100th time since we came back up We make every game an absolute struggle for ourselves
  9. But he was allowing us to keep the ball and the pressure on, same as against Spartak and when he goes off it’s panic stations Ejaria and Sadiq for me needed to go, playing Middleton on the left just doesn’t work the boy is too one dimensional and I think he’d have been suited to a spell up front
  10. How the fuck did Candeias and Jack end up getting hooked, I would love our messiah and saviour to explain that decision to me
  11. The reason we didn’t is because once the game kicks off Gerrard is barely even a manager No ambition, the other side changing up the game trying to pose a different question and we plod along with the same players doing the same shit
  12. Fuck off Ejaria and Sadiq finishing that game was a fucking joke People need to start being harsher on Gerrard, no other manager gets away with that shit
  13. Sadiq man, how’s he still on McGregor is dreaming if he thinks this will reach him
  14. Murtys team would’ve got humped in the final, but at least we’d have won this game
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