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  1. Didn't know that, one can hope his "form" continues then
  2. Fair, probably just going off historic performances i guess. Just a shame they never wasted more £ on buying another keeper
  3. He's mostly just been injured alot has he not? If he is still pretty close to the keeper that left them then he will be an upgrade unfortunately
  4. Funnily enough it's surprisingly quiet in the office
  5. Quite amusing how the word Fenian is basically the celtic fans N word now
  6. I'm taking the piss because @The Dude would advertise his Old Firm podcast in bears den yet folk would say it doesn't belong there despite half of the content automatically being directly related to Rangers
  7. Doesn't belong in Bears Den Overall though i pretty much agree, can't see how we can even hope to replace half of Morleos goals if he were to leave.
  8. RJMcGregor

    GTA 6

    Can we maybe get a Belfast DLC?
  9. Agreed, really hoping he gets announced shortly, at least there will be something positive to take from today
  10. I would agree with this sentiment back in the day but can you really see our team being resentful at that? With a knitted scarf like Tav as a captain, fuck no, would just be an embarrassment
  11. A long time ago i would have said yes as with our previous players and managers it would have galvanised them to ensure it doesn't happen again (in the same way our huddle at their shithole has left a mark etched into their memories, and was used as a motivation in the past) but when our captain is fucking Tav i doubt it would galvanise much within them. TLDR - Fuck No
  12. 1) Yeah the boycott obviously makes sense as to why that would impact the number of tops i saw, still though would expect the Turkey tops to make more of an appearance 😂 2) Hahhahaha valid point
  13. I have noticed a general trend in alot of youngsters in general not giving a shit about Scottish Football as a whole. Can't say i have noticed a huge swing from ours to theirs or anything like that in the younger groups, although i feel like i see more of their tops these days, dunno if that's just me though
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