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  1. Agree that he gets too much attention from our support but it's probably to do with the fact he's as obsessed with us as the rest of the tramps are and he brings our name into conversations that have nothing to do with us. He's also a professional victim which gets him even more attention
  2. the same journos who would leave bottles of vodka outside Gazzas house now want us to have sympathy for an alcoholic wife beating IRA supporting gambling addict, nah i don't think so Fuck Griffiths hope he has a mental breakdown along with his tramp brother
  3. It's a good thing our games are often on YouTube now so King can watch our amazing improvements while attending the Liverpool game
  4. he's a liability and he'll be a liability if he's still here next season, were better off getting rid and replacing him. I don't know why so many think Morelos is some unique player who will be impossible to replace, he didn't cost a lot of money, well find a good replacement and will be better cashing in before he costs us more games
  5. i don't see what all the arguments are about Our players made arsed of themselves, they took the bait and played into the taigs hands, their performance and behaviour was an embarrassment on the other hand the media are doing what they usually do - paint us as the bad guys and paint their heroes Lennon and Brown as victims, they're not telling the true story. Rangers and Rangers fans aren't perfect, we've got our issues as a support and I won't dent that. Personally I don't think singing some songs is that bad but society has deemed it so. On the other hand I don't remember us ever hanging effigies of people, I don't recall us hanging banners with songs about murder on them. There is a definite and blatant bias against us in the media. Anyone who can't see that is a fucking moron simple as that, if you dont accept that there's an agenda against us then your either purposely deluding yourself or you're just thick. What we need to be doing is rallying together. making sure the board know how we feel about this and do something about it. We are the biggest Club and support in this country its time we started acting like it. Celtics board are there to defend the animals immediately after every incident. Meanwhile we sit waiting for a week for some half arsed statement that looks like it was written on Kings mobile while he watched the Liverpool game, and the statement always seems to lay the blame on us its never a defence of us. i think the board have done a great job at stabilising the Club this season but they need to do more, we need a better PR department. We need someone or something to get behind because without it We just end up divided and arguing as is seen in this thread
  6. Shows the difference in class and standards the fact the tarriers who got pumped in Seville are regarded as heroes and legends whereas for the most part most Bears I know are apathetic about the Manchester squad and see it ultimately as a failure. KT, Ferguson and Papac are the only players from that time i think are even in with a shout at being called Legends
  7. This. He knew Brown would wind him up, he even said he wouldn't bite, but he played right into Browns hands and did exactly what brown wanted him to do. He's a fucking idiot and should be sold. Every Rangers fan was worried that this would happen and once again hes just a predictable idiot who's done this shit far too many times
  8. we are the boys from the toll we are loyal and were true
  9. when the clock last changed i woke up and hated the taigs for an hour to make up for the hour ill lose tonight
  10. It doesn't matter how much progress we have or haven't made, it's results that matter and we haven't got the results we need this season. If we lose tomorrow then this season is a complete failure. People can try to polish it however tbey like by by bringing up Europe etc but the fact is Europe is irrelevant compared to the league and we've had some completely embarrassing league results this season.
  11. dive of a place, I used to think Glasgow was bad for beggars and junkies but Leeds is absolutely crawling with them
  12. aye Let's start acting like the taigs and pretend the only reason we got beat is cause the refs load of pish. Our manager is shite and our players dont give a fuck that's why we are where we are. We havent improved that much and folk saying we have are just spouting the same pish Warburton patter If this was anyone other than the celebrity Gerrard hed be taking some severe criticism. I don't want him sacked but he has cost us the league and the cups with a much higher budget than almost every other manager so stop this bullshit. He deserves criticism. You'd think we were fans of some diddy team the way some go on and try to polish jobbies
  13. Folk would rather we get pumped with a celebrity manager and pretend it's all going great than admit Gerrard doesn't have a clue and that we haven't improved as much as folk are saying we are
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