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  1. Right back is England’s most stacked position. They have about ten right backs who could all have realistic claims to be in the squad.
  2. Don’t see any other obvious candidates for the job apart from Allegri. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might go after Nuno from Wolves.
  3. The Premier League will blink first I think. The prospect of losing those clubs and then trying to promote a league where clubs like Everton & West Ham are your biggest clubs must be secretly terrifying them.
  4. That’s just grandstanding. Nobody wants to watch a Premier League without those six clubs in it and the Premier League will know it too.
  5. Massive game of cuppie doubles once a season with the winner earning a Money in the Bank contract that they can cash in on the reigning champions at any time.
  6. The ESL is definitely going to have referees wearing the black and white striped WWE style of shirt aren’t they?
  7. A talented player, but utterly ridiculous that people are saying he could be the next Jardine and declaring that he is an absolute superstar who is already better than Tav after a handful of games. We’ve seen plenty of youngsters burst on to the scene, but only one or two who have ultimately made it, and that’s why I will be keeping my expectations tempered for a little while yet.
  8. Always had a square peg in a round hole feel to it. Be interesting to see who they go for next. Surely it will be back to somebody who champions more attack minded dynamic football?
  9. “According to source, some of those involved in ESL call traditional supporters of clubs “legacy fans” while they are focused instead on the “fans of the future” who want superstar names“
  10. Apparently refused to take the players onto the pitch to train.
  11. Remember all the managers of big clubs moaning about fixture congestion and how long the season is in its current format. Now they are all signing up to a new competition that will take anywhere between 24-26 games to win. At the moment if you enter at the group stage (which most of the big clubs do) then the Champions League takes 13 games to win in its current format. Potentially adding a further 11 games to what is already a crammed season. Shambles
  12. Bayern, Dortmund and PSG have all rejected invites to join.
  13. It’ll be the exact same thing if they get Howe. If he ends up there then it’s a stopgap until a Premier League job comes up again and then he’ll be off too.
  14. UEFA are apparently going to sue any club who joins for 50 billion
  15. Leipzig are more of a surprise inclusion than Porto. At least Porto have some sort of history about them.
  16. I think the whole idea of this is disgusting. They are effectively opening a closed shop, designed for, set up and run by a core of teams with the sole intention of earning as much money as is remotely possible for themselves while keeping the majority of that wealth to and among themselves too. My interest in football outwith anything we are doing has slowly been declining in recent years, but if this happens, I’ll never go out of my way to watch a game involving any of the clubs involved.
  17. I would imagine they will be one of the three clubs in talks to join.
  18. Effectively making the elite level of football a closed shop is a dangerous move for the sport.
  19. Apparently Bayern and Dortmund got invited to join and turned it down.
  20. Games like today just reinforce my belief that Scott Brown, is, was and always will be a total imposter. The defence of his poor performances is that his age has simply caught up with him, but I don’t buy that when we have Davis, who is older, still bossing this league and making it look easy. The reason he’s doing that, while Brown tails off, is because he’s a superior player to Brown and always was. Brown could barely lay a glove on us when we had the likes of Mendes, Ferguson, Davis & Thomson and it took administration and us getting booted out of the league for the quality to
  21. “Alexa play Live it Up by Mental As Anything...“
  22. Our best ever keeper. Don’t care what anybody else’s opinion is.
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