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  1. Hopefully gets posted in full somewhere.
  2. Feel like pure shit. Just want this back.
  3. What they really need to do is get the infrastructure right first. People are already talking about who the manager is going to be when what they should really be doing first is getting a sporting director in who has the vision and/or track record of identifying younger talent who develop into top players and a coach who has a reputation for bettering the players he works with. Getting a manager and then building the infrastructure around it is putting the card before the horse. If it was me my shortlist would be Luis Campos, Paul Mitchell and Michael Edwards. They have the money now to attract all three of them.
  4. So you mean it doesn’t work like FM in real life where you just select ‘offer to clubs’ and a string of offers come flooding in the next day 😂
  5. Are people saying Itten could have been the solution being ironic?
  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Morelos sets the tone for how the entire team plays. When he’s at his best the way he harries, chases and battles inspires others through his own performances from the front. It’s no coincidence that most of our best performances under Gerrard have coincided with him having a great game too, and some of our worst have come when he’s been out of form. He might be a far more well rounded player than he was when we signed him in terms of dropping deep and spreading the play and what not but right now we need the Morelos of old back. We need to get the ball forward more quickly so he can give himself half a chance to be the battering ram who just rag dolled defenders and made a complete nuisance of himself.
  7. I was never convinced he was/is a centre midfielder to begin with. In the obligatory YouTube videos that were posted before he signed he seemed to be doing all of his best stuff from the wide areas.
  8. Jonathan Wilson has been pretty negative about it since the get go and taken a lot of shit for it. Now the hype has died down a bit he might be right.
  9. Bacuna hasn’t played enough football for us to be rated as anything yet tbh. Replace his name with Lundstram in that post and and this could be any post about him from six weeks ago.
  10. Tam Courts is doing some job at Dundee Utd. Was giving off massive Ian Cathro vibes when they announced his appointment but he’s doing very well so far.
  11. I didn’t say he would stroll back into the team like a saviour. I said he would come back in because he’s a far better player than Wright is, which he is. That doesn’t change because he started the season poorly.
  12. So we back to this we can’t play in front of fans patter again are we?
  13. He’s still a infinitely better player than Scott Wright is.
  14. I love him to death but Morelos needs to pull his head out of his arse. He might have an eye on a move, but he’s not going to get the one he wants if he keeps performing the way he is now.
  15. He doesn’t. He goes back to being a squad player the moment Kent is fit again.
  16. Looking like another player who’s going to be held up as an example that sometimes players just need a bit of time.
  17. Crazy that they actually signed a player called Santiago Munoz in the Summer
  18. If I was handed that job I would be trying to get Max Aarons and Joakim Maehle in as my fullbacks and trying a move for Van Der Beek from Man Utd for midfield too. Maybe not the biggest names, but I think if they want to do it right then they need to mainly get guys who are between 21-25, and talented, who can come in and grow as a team together.
  19. I don’t rate Almirion either tbh. I like Wilson, good striker, but he’s so injury prone. He’ll avoid the initial purge for sure but you expect them to become less reliant on him over the next couple of windows.
  20. I would include Willock in there too. I think he’s quite a good player and he’s young enough to develop a little bit more if they get the right coach and players in there to help him.
  21. There’s certainly a few decent players there but the majority of them must know that they are dead men walking over the next 12-24 months.
  22. I wonder if the new manager will keep any of the current players. I don’t think in the short term it would be the worst move to keep Lascelles, Willock, Saint-Maximim and maybe even Dúbravka & Longstaff as the core/spine of the team and build around them.
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