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  1. Everything about the filth including their history of noncery is posted in the thread linked below. Lots of info from the FF thread you refer to has been posted on this thread.
  2. The problem is Ian Maxwell of the SFA . He is a Lawwell appointee and is behind all this . When Lawwell goes we need to get rid of this corrupt cunt as well as Doncaster of the SPFL.
  3. Knew him well as a teenager , loved them hated us. He worked in the Altlantis Bar on Kilbowie Road during his summer holidays from Uni. He is from Clydebank and worked for Dumbarton lawyers so was surprised when he was always described as a referee from Paisley ! Think he lived in Paisley after he got married.
  4. He is from Clydebank and correct he is rabid even though he is a prod.
  5. You sure about that , thought it was a set punishment.
  6. If banned he will miss Killie and Dundee United games but can play in the Antwerp game before the United game ? Alfie will also miss the Killie game so we need Defoe and Itten for that game.
  7. You are thinking of the 1-5 away win at Motherwell when the ball hit off Edmundson into our net.
  8. Baldy cunt linesman is Graeme Leslie , must have been hand picked for the game.
  9. The dive for the penalty is even more outrageous than the offside.
  10. Linesmen are Alan Mulvanny and Graeme Leslie.
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