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  1. Why do we accept the shit we are dealt? There was a 4 point swing on Wednesday, denied a stone waller and the filth score a last minute winner with 2 blatant fouls in the build up. Cunts saying, ah, if we can't beat them without a penalty then we didn't nt deserve to win. Fucking bullshit. They cunts were putting folks windows in, starting campaigns coz they lost a nothing game against us last season. So much that refs are scared to give anything against them or in favour of us. Fuck blaming the officials though, blame Kent, put his windaes in, teach him a lesson.
  2. Must have been good ones.
  3. Utter fucking clowns. We had our most creative player having to drop into his own half to pick up the ball coz the rest of the cowards and our captain was nowhere to be seen. Fuck blaming the ref or the rest. Its aw Kents fawt byraway.
  4. Better than you ya peasant. Still scratching aboot for labouring jobs?
  5. Or against Porto tonight apparently. Anybody that says the atmosphere is the same as it was prior to legia is a liar.
  6. First half of this thread is like watching fear and loathing but agreed. The atmosphere was surprisingly pish. Outwith the full stadium bouncy and a fantastic display. Without sounding like a bigot, the fenians have got their way. We really miss the Billy boys.
  7. Admin must be round the corner. Having to turn the lights aff. Canni even see ma seat, not even one of the seats I've been on this season due to being punted off coz bigots can't follow with pride.
  8. Hi, can I get a dave king 3 piece spineless meal please.
  9. Am spent. Am away ti ma wee bed. That picture doesn't do justice to how PRWlookswi the flags oot.
  10. First o the week. Heartburn kicked in already.
  11. Sad days when youve to start drinking at the crack o dawn for a game o fitba just because a few fenian couldn't control themselves 20 years ago.
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