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  1. The butterfly effect. Give away a throw in then score half an hour later. Definitely down to the throw in. Statement of intent. As shit as we were, we were the better team for the first half hour. Fuckin seen it aw noo.
  2. No cunt was really the bad. Hugh keevins spouting how sellic were sensational has gone to their heeds. We were pish, granted, we are better than them, the goal in the last minute flattered them.
  3. I'm no gonna lie, I had to Google Rangers captains to find a name to say. Tell you the truth brandt, I don't remember much of it. Fucking seen enough to say tav isn't a Rangers captain. Used to fall in to the trap, fucking yaas, played in a pass to get an equaliser at the paedo dome. Bring back Clint hill. Tav has been posted wanting already this season. Brushed off the v ball at easter road last season that effectively ended our season, playing a cunt in at the piggery to kill us last season.
  4. He definitely did. Then went on to say he was the worst captain he'd seen since ally Dawson.
  5. This davie Robertson? Cunt better no get ideas above his station or I'll sub him for Alex clelland on ma 9 in a row wall in ma blue room. Gazza was only a fiver.
  6. Some are hurting more than others. 10 - 20 grand a week probably softens the blow a bit.
  7. Exactly. Get him to fuck. And play. Erm.. What's gough up to these days?
  8. Wee cants got a swagger aboot him. Reminds me of a young jam piece.
  9. Saves me posting something similar. Wouldn't say its papering over the cracks but if we drew that game it would have been seen as some sort of victory. Wheres the honour in beating that shite. I firmly belive we have better players than them and had some bad luck. To not win the league against that is a fucking disgrace. Can blame the officials to some extent but we haven't half fucked ourselves over.
  10. Means quite a lot. If he's actually decked the cunt then he's a hero in my eyes. So something so called Rangers men shod have done a long time ago.
  11. Don't get it either. That's our "captain". Struggle to see where the "he played great up to that" comments are coming from. The only guy who gave a fuck today is a loan player and probably won't be here next year.
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