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  1. Comparing Moult to celtic strikers is irrelevant. We don’t have to be better than them. We have to be better than everyone else and beat those teams. We aren’t not challenging celtic this year because we’re not better than them or not beating them. We’re not challenging because we dropped points to other teams at home moult is good enough to score goals for us to win us games and fee seems to be reasonable to allow us to invest in defenders which is more important
  2. Seeing he sold Goss on Rangers. What’s happened to him though? Came in with a lot of hype had made a few appearances and been loaned out but he’s now 21 is he good enough?
  3. Surely we should be thinking about bringing him back? Better cover for left back than hodson?
  4. What confuses me about there statement and push towards strip the titles is the fact they also used an EBT for Juninho? That seems to be swept under the carpet. Not the only thing they want to sweep under carpet right enough! What about Lennon O'Neill etc tax avoidance schemes although it wasn't celtic who set up they surely knew they were paying into it? I know if my employer was asked to pay into a company they'd ask questions its sureal they're so fixated on Rangers they do not focus on themselves.
  5. People writing him off already. Allen will have worked alongside and seen him play for a number of years so need to put some faith in his judgement
  6. I wouldn't say the team crumbled, it was more because any hard challenge or 50/50 went there way so team and Pedro weren't sure what to do I think he will learn from it and I think we have the makings of a rangers team
  7. Yesterday's result stings, after a good start to season this was a big game and I really thought we'd win. Yes it is unacceptable to lose and worse to lose to hibs and at that a Neil Lennon hibs with Whittaker and Mcgregor in the team. however my thoughts on yesterday Pedro is trying something different he is an attack minded coach we have seen this a few times now with changes to formation mid game and it not working. Yesterday I think previous managers when Jack was sent off would shit up shop make us solid and hope we got a chance and took it Pedro stick three at the back and went
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.<No links to this website>/news/scottish-news/celtic-chief-peter-lawwell-among-9027258.amp in terms of gaining a sporting advantage through tax avoidance I can't understand how this is any different to EBT. Bit of tit for tat but perhaps people in glass houses?
  9. Fod tav alves cardoso wallace jack dorrans Pena candeias Herrera McKay
  10. I understand why bears would be worried but I trust the board when you way up Hill, Barton & Senderos wages now freed up plus the money we got for Gilmore and savings we will be making up on a proportion or all of Hyndman and Toral's wages increases in ST price + prize money for finishing 3rd I also think we getting players in early because of Europe with the hope of making some money back on player sales The overall outlay will be closer to about 5 million I would think at the moment tho weve only spent 500k on alves the rest is speculation
  11. Cheers for the replies yeah started watching CJNovo992 he is decent and uploads regularly would recommend anyone who hasn't to give him a watch
  12. Anyone know any good alternatives to this? Live down south like to catch up on podcast next day as it's good to hear people talk about what's going on in Scottish football but sick of how pro Celtic they are and how they mock Pedro The only plus point for it is it's daily compared to Heart and Hand and wwtc pods which are weekly/fortnightly
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