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  1. BF1


    Hard to believe he's 22 and will only get better. What a player.
  2. He's probably an improvement to Bain, but even with him we are still a lot better than them at the back.
  3. It's a bit deceiving their coefficient, and it's going to be taking a massive drop next season after we batter them on and off the pitch.
  4. The disco lights haven't turned up for the tatties today ­čśé
  5. ´╗┐Forrest, ´╗┐´╗┐ Christie´╗┐, McGre´╗┐g´╗┐o´╗┐´╗┐r, Eduorde and the Frenchie midfielder. But I couldn't see all of them being in a starting lineup.
  6. They did, but understandable they hate that lot after it. Winning as convincingly as they did against a team in the CL that were probably favourites then going out in that manner has to be very hard to take. You just know the unwashed would have been smug bastards after it too.
  7. Cringy as fuck if they hate a team that BS'd them out the CL despite winning 6-1. Cringe
  8. Legia seem to genuinely despise that mob (understandable) so doubt it would be just to appease us.
  9. Had a scroll through their forum, Poles talking a lot of sense. Let's make it happen.
  10. I was exactly the same and would say his challange was even more than that. Established managers have came in and failed despite inheriting squads capable of winning the league. Gerrard inherited an abysmal squad and had to rebuild it. FFS the taigs were probably the furthest ahead of us they have ever been, we were literally at the level of the sheep/spoon burners. He was a massive gamble for us, but I couldn't be happier that it was one the club took. Can't wait for him to bring 55 home.
  11. Wins against two of our most difficult oppenents in the league. Almost guarenteed progression to the Europa playoffs against favourable opposition. Fucking buzzing, let's keep the momentum going.
  12. Get where you're coming from. I think for us it will be good to get a couple of the harder games out the way early, especially with us having already got a fantastic result against the midgets. Granted, I'd probably be pissed about these fixtures if we hadn't gotten a result mid-week. Starting the season with more competitive fixtures might even help to get our players up to speed for our European qualifiers. Either way, we've started the season well and shouldn't fear anyone on our current form. This is the 55 season.
  13. Haven't seen any footage of their games, but judging by the scorelines they've started well. Still, wins are what matter, not how many goals you are scoring in them. Us winning at Killie, a ground we struggled at last season is a bigger result than either of their results imo. When we get 3 points tomorrow, we'll have the same points as them, but will have got them from much harder fixtures.
  14. I'd put Ufa in there, Russian teams aren't an easy draw. Cant forget Rapid Vienna at Ibrox either.
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