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  1. Never sang any of those songs at a game because unlike the cretins that are quoting me, I actually care about the club. The folk singing these songs at games are vermin, and certainly not bears. A bear wouldn't intentionally go out and hurt the club. I'd rather give their lot lifetime bans before they cause game to be played behind closed doors/chucked outo Europe. Sadly, some of our support would rather get paranoid about conspiracies.
  2. Lifetime bans for those responsible. Sickening that bears that can control themselves will miss out on the Legia game cause of these vermin. We don't need them in out support.
  3. Good result and sets us up well for the return leg.
  4. He's probably an improvement to Bain, but even with him we are still a lot better than them at the back.
  5. If your laptops the issue, you could try casting from your mobile to TV, assuming both have the option. Would also give the option of using your own WiFi or your network provider. If you have a decent data plan and faster speeds from your network, it could be a better than your WiFi.
  6. The disco lights haven't turned up for the tatties today 😂
  7. They are a good team, the tie is far from over and we need the avoid complacency. We have East Fife on the weekend so expect we'll have our strongest squad out on Thursday. The weekend is when we should give any tired players a rest.
  8. Folk on here were ragin about Defoe starting ahead of Morelos before the game 😂😂😂
  9. Get where you're coming from. I think for us it will be good to get a couple of the harder games out the way early, especially with us having already got a fantastic result against the midgets. Granted, I'd probably be pissed about these fixtures if we hadn't gotten a result mid-week. Starting the season with more competitive fixtures might even help to get our players up to speed for our European qualifiers. Either way, we've started the season well and shouldn't fear anyone on our current form. This is the 55 season.
  10. Haven't seen any footage of their games, but judging by the scorelines they've started well. Still, wins are what matter, not how many goals you are scoring in them. Us winning at Killie, a ground we struggled at last season is a bigger result than either of their results imo. When we get 3 points tomorrow, we'll have the same points as them, but will have got them from much harder fixtures.
  11. It would be, but the only chance that'll happen is if the players think the game is over. The midgets can be dangerous. That said, what a result tonight.
  12. Good performance tonight, but still plenty to do in the return leg. This team aren't bad, we can't underestimate them next week.
  13. Think we had a good first half even if it had been 0-0. The away goal makes it even better. Reckon we'll see Ojo coming on around the hour mark.
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