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  1. Alfredo is my favourite player since Laudrup, I absolutely love the guy, I’m not a gay but I can honestly say I love him more than my wife. I’m posting this mainly because I need my daily Morelos fix...I’ve lost the link to where he’s jigging away to sad face and dancing with aribo and kamara, can someone upload that and continue to upload anything he does remotely funny..which is pretty much everything
  2. This guys going to be an absolute fans favourite, his attitude, demeanor and above all quality is going to make him an absolute hero....he'll love us and we'll love him...I just hope he is a partner to alfredo not a replacement
  3. Its c**ts like you that ruin it for the rest of us, your can do attitude means that ordinary people have to turn up for work too...if we all said no the world would be a better place
  4. Yep he gets it, when he says best fans in the world its true and he'd know, his cv is full clubs that are proper clubs, fans more passionate than the ordinary... I'm thinking Sunderland, pompey, West ham and to some extent spurs but were different class, we are the people!!!!
  5. The way he battled against so much scrutiny at times with dignity, honour and effort, he never complained, he never stopped loving us despite some of our own turning against him, he's just incredible man, personality, class and skill... perfect Rangers captain....minus the tattoos
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