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  1. As far as I can remember, were you not claiming to only watch Rangers when playing in Europe? Zero standing when it comes to claiming about uber staunch rules. Do whatever you do, but still think its weird as fuck to sit and read through another teams forum. 'Quick glance,' my arse.
  2. 1) odd behaviour 2) did you just ignore the part where I asked why you make a point of wanting to sit with neither yet also saying you'd rather sit with some taig? Clearly choice is made. 3) extremely odd behaviour
  3. 1) Why are you trawling dundee utd forums? 2) Would you fuck sit with them. Disgusting if so tbh. Why make the point and then claim youd rather sit with neither anyway? Odd.
  4. This isn't the suggestions thread.
  5. Id love him to stay but appreciate hes more than likely away. If that's the case, then no one can argue he hasn't been sensational for us. El buffalo 🇨🇴
  6. Another point to consider is that different workplace schemes will likely be charging you different amounts (max annual charge is 0.75%). Whilst paying for advice isn't cheap, it could be a useful exercise consolidating into a pension with lower charges (or potentially your current scheme), so that in the long run your pots growth arent stunted by unnecessary charges. Pension fund performance over the past few months obviously hasn't been great, and so if you've got smaller pots being decimated with market volatility, and higher charges taking a bite, you'll see them erode pretty q
  7. MFJ14


    Definitely voting Rangers Town
  8. That's ridiculous if correct. Bet they are regretting turning it down now.
  9. No idea mate, and happy to stand corrected, but just reckon with everything that's going on they arent in a position to turn down an offer around that 2/3m mark (which tbh I think would be generous for Ferguson).
  10. They did tbf, but in reality I think they would have accepted a much lower offer. With the covid situation, they arent in a position to demand a fee as high as that because ultimately no one is going to it(and tbh no one would pay 8m for him in normal circumstances). I think they would bite our hand off for 2m tbh.
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