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  1. Embarrassing result. Hopefully the end of Eddie Jones.
  2. Just been banned. No reason (last post was in an elo thread) Why do they bother with the messages after they ban you that you cant read haha.
  3. See their all raging at Charlie Nicholas lol
  4. That clip never goes viral if it's a Rangers player on the end of it. Shows how biased the media are. Outside of scotland too.
  5. I see he had Derek rae spewing too.
  6. See dembele has had another pop at us:
  7. He's too nice to manage that lot.
  8. Lennon was at the west brom game tonight apparently with parker. Wonder why..
  9. Needs to put his money where his mouth is or 2 years from now he's going to be getting clowned by every section of the media with that video of him saying they wouldn't win 10 plastered everywhere.
  10. I see ally is trying to talk down the value of morelos. Prick.
  11. Cracking signing from mark allen cant wait to see jones tear it up next season too
  12. He'd have to leave scotland for his own safety.
  13. His position on this should be given to Levein.
  14. Why? He'd be expected to win every game at the taigs, play good football, sign names and destroy teams on the park. Has he ever demonstrated that he can do that ?
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