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  1. Sorry lads, must have missed this. I know he's pish but I'm hardly spoiled for choice in his position am I?
  2. I think he will become a good manager for us, however I don't think he will be given the time he needs to make his plans work. You just don't get that at Ibrox. We expect the squad to be overhauled, play a different style of football, new training methods etc and for it just to work immediately.
  3. A lot of ex team mates even say he was a bit of a nightmare personality wise, but that's what made him the player he was. Brilliant player, one of our best in recent times.
  4. Was made to look like a nobody today by Simon Murray. His distribution out of defence was absolutely terrible as well. Hopefully just an off day for him and Cardoso but a wee bit worrying that they both looked like different players when met with their first real test.
  5. After he missed that chance in the first half you could have forgotten he was even still on the park. So ineffective today we may as well have had 9 men.
  6. Strange decision for Pedro to bring him on when he did. The guy actually doesn't even look like a footballer, the way he moves, the way he stands with the ball at his feet etc. There was two times where he just slowed an attack right down and actually stopped dead and looked around for somewhere to kick the ball to. We've bought an absolute dud I fear.
  7. Pena doesn't look like a footballer at all, the way he moves etc. Will be amazed if he ever comes good.
  8. Miller has done literally fuck all since he missed that chance in the first half.
  9. Fucksake. This could end up being another humiliation for Pedro to add to his growing list.
  10. We look completely out of ideas. Just constant shite passes out of the defence.
  11. Ref needs his baws booted for this. A tie that has a bit of previous for trouble shouldn't be allowed to get out of control the way it has.
  12. Jesus christ. We've just absolutely fell apart. Thank fuck it's nearly half time.
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