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  1. Un- sensible soccer was amazing, just same but played with other stuff like grenades that would randomly go off..
  2. Imagine how much hed be worth 10 years younger.. Guys a Rolls Royce of a player..
  3. Fuck me.. come on lads, take a look at the shirts you're wearing and fucking get it on..
  4. It's the fucking hope that kills you.. And the fucking liver..
  5. Can this post be pinned? It's a piece of poetry and beautiful..
  6. Brought and still does bring me to tears hearing that interview. Top fella.. "dangerously well"
  7. I actually think this could happen. Could try to break Kent/Alfie's leg then retire under a rock.. fucking can't get near describing how much I detest and HATE this despicable cowardly excuse of a specimen. Wouldn't waste my piss on him if he was on fire. Cunt. Sooner he's away and never mentioned again, the better..
  8. Fucking quality pal. Am crying here laughing my tits off in my shed. Bravo
  9. Its fine, moon's no on the quarantine list yet..
  10. Nope. Leave it there. I'm at work till 3.30 so if anything, push it back 30 minutes. ;)
  11. you fucking beauty.. what a fantastic result. Hope they're crying their scummy eyes out..
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