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  1. He really has fucked himself mentally I think with the whole transfer stuff and just hasn’t recovered. His touch is awful just now, and finishing isn’t much better. Hopefully he bounces back because we all know how good he can be.
  2. LewisWATP


    Long way to go. But I have faith that this is our year under Gerrard.
  3. Even with their full team I was feeling confident. I just we they don’t drop down ahead because they have key players out.
  4. Yup the big mans looking good. Hopefully gets some chances when he’s back fit.
  5. Signing wilshere would be amazing business, if he stays fit. It would be a gamble but a player of that calibre I would take the chance in a heartbeat. I wonder what wages he would be looking for even though he got that pay off.
  6. For me it was Jelavic, was still in school when he left and I can remember all off us were gutted about it, especially the fee he went for.
  7. So wait, Gerrard gave an opinion on a tackle that left a hole in Morelos’ leg and he’s being charged for it hahahahaha fuck me the sfa are a complete shambles man.
  8. Hope we hold on to him for this season as he’s looking very clearly one of our most important players.
  9. Not Rangers standard, I don’t want to slate the boy but he’s simply not good enough. This is the stuff that annoys me with Gerrard is signing and playing players like him instead of giving a youth player the opportunity to stake a claim.
  10. I liked charlie adam and still do 😂 what’s with the abuse?
  11. Hope we Keep the boy in and around the bench for the full season. I wouldn’t punt him on loan, he could learn greatly especially with his forward game from barasic, what better player to learn it from. I really want to see this lad succeed.
  12. Completely agree. I love big Morelos aswell and I’ll hold no grudge when he moves on. You make a good point about this shithole of a country, place is going backwards. As you said hopefully we get this sorted and get the money and invest it well.
  13. You make good points. However having “your head turned” is where I draw a line and lose respect for any Rangers player it happens to. Ryan Kent is a good example for ignoring it, he has Leeds after him probably gonna double his wages but he still put in a solid shift and worked his arse off. Alfredo has had a few assists and goals already this season which is great, but he looks uninterested, and you should never look uninterested as a Rangers player. Quite frankly he’s gonna fuck up his dream move if he doesn’t get his head screwed on. Plus, why the fuck is Lille so appealing when w
  14. I’m liking big Helanders contribution, hope he keeps it up. Overall we look very good defensively, just hope we can start smashing teams.
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