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  1. So keevins thinks the taig implosion is a bigger story than us winning 55, when you consider we are still the most successful club in the world and haven't won a trophy in ten years and were dropped to the bottom devision, that's got to be the most disrespectful comment I have heard from a so called journalist, the pain and hurt is running right through that feinyin rhat, an embarresment of a man.
  2. Similar to myself, I'm a pessimistic cunt but three points today and I'm on it, tunes at the ready!
  3. Mcglaughlan on the phone to the editor greetin like the wee rhat bastard he is.
  4. The wife says if she hears me playing/singing live it up one more time she's leaving, plenty more fish in the sea darling!
  5. Sometimes unplayable, sometimes unwatchable but I fkn love that guy!
  6. Beaton making it all about him, not for the first time an absolute cheating bastard.
  7. No wonder this country is a laughing stock at times, playing a top league game on this surface is criminal. Pure anti football.
  8. Flashback to Hutton v stuttgart
  9. Reminds me of a young Neil. Mccann.
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