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  1. Yet we're top of the league, I get what your saying but I've not seen a team this year that gives me too much concern, and we can only improve mate.
  2. Winning when we're shite will kill the tarriers even more.
  3. Worrying just how many look off form here, no spark or flair from any of them so far
  4. Front three have started really poor again, first touches are way off.
  5. Greegs, goldson and aribo get pass marks for me, the rest were average at best but roofe for me has to score and that should have been the difference, Davis ball to kamara was hoaching.
  6. If a team plays through you with skill or a bit of magic then you put your hands up and take it on the chin, when you gift them possession when it's totally avoidable like both goals tonight, then the op has a valid point imo.
  7. Just back and bitterly disappointed with that, Kent looks lost for a start, Alfie not looking like scoring ect, we are good at beating hammer throwers but we look way short playing against a team who are sharp and very rarely make the kind of mistakes we make, onto Sunday and a must win.
  8. No running in behind, all come short far to often, need to mix it up or we'll be sussed again.
  9. That's what happens when you put the greens on the government payroll, they have to toe the line and it's gonna get a whole lot worse, Harvey and slater given an extra 30k a year each, extortion at its finest.
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