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  1. How dare you use sarcastic overtones. We have developed a fanbase who would not appreciate your ungentelemanly comments. We are now a family club filled with handwringers who'd never condone such actions.
  2. Madness eh. I'll just sit there and be quiet for a few months until you decide I'm allowed to talk you haggis munching cock womble
  3. You're not doing yourself any favours having that shite Nationalist rag flag as your profile photo
  4. Christie looks like he will be in a much better state than EVERYONE on this forum when we win tomorrow.
  5. 683 harmony being one consisting of Vodka and Gin has resulted in me being exceptional in my desire for a Rangers win tomorrow
  6. Fuck my testicle. Having a kid in this left wing cunting country. I'll sooner ram my dislodged ball up cunt Sturgeons nostril while fingering her spare. This is Us v Them. Nobody who supports us should see this as a football game. It's a fucking war. It should be a fucking war.
  7. Fuck them. We win on the field. Fuck them. We lose on the field fuck them. They are fucks. Scum bastard fucks who have benefited masssivee amounts financially by us being out of the picture They can gloat, they can smile, but in their own fucking words, OUR day will come, their day has been when we were outa the picture. They think they'll win the league for the next 20 years. Maybe we win tomorrow, maybe we lose, the only thing that matters to us, the season ticket holders, the cunts who watch religiously in the pub, the die hards and the observers; the only thing that maters is vicariously keeping John Paul, Sean, Michael and every other papist in their place. Fuck them. Their team. Their Republican values. We are their betters.
  8. Right one is saved for next Harmony.
  9. Until you've no more friends for hot lead to protest against... I guess you're likely going to have to put up.
  10. Fuck Christie Brown. He looks and acts exactly how a celtic fan should
  11. No matter what happens on the field.. Nooooo Surreeendaaaa
  12. To wipe the gloating fucking smile from these bastards faces I would sacrifice my testicle. These fucks are from peasant class homes, they are literaly beneath us yet every turn we make we have their yellow teeth smiling gloating mocking us. They are so confident that they will win, so up their own arses that if we win I'll happily give up my testicle. They are scum bastards. IRA loving scum bastards that should know their place in society. Fuck celtic, their fans, their team, their sympathisers. Tomorrow we batter them. We offend them. We treat them like the contemptible scum they are.
  13. Girlfriend just today had a consultation over the phone for BACK PAIN. Nearest appointment was going to be October 13th. Prescribed Cocodamol and Neproxin over the phone. I've had a cough for 4 weeks, go to the Drs as the adverts suggest. Prescribed Peptac liquid for heartburn. Follow up consultation 2 weeks later prescribed amoxicillin at my own request. Thatcher had a great idea where you were given a credit type deal for the money you paid in over whatever length a period, that could then have been used towards the cost of private care if need be. Of course this was shot down by the folk who see no wrong with a health service that is "free" Sorry for your mentioned loss, unfortunately time's the only healer in such situations.
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