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  1. Paulinho is an absolute must for a Rangers save, near enough a 2 goal head start every game
  2. Full version mate, 50 Million for Morelos from Dortmund Andre Gomes and Batshuayi signed for the same fee as Windass (he is dog shit) went for roughly and the teams full of wonderkids like Rodrygo and Paulinho 12 Million each for Candeias and Dorrans with a good whack also made from squad players like McBurnie, Jack, John Arfield also worth about 20 million for some reason, had to use the editor to sign everyone
  3. Made 75 Million on Windass and Morelos after the first season both with 50 percent sell on clauses then after selling all the other cunts from the last 3 year got about 35/40 million in total biggest load of pish I've ever played in my entire life
  4. Was his biggest critic last season but he’s irreplaceable 100%. Very good news.
  5. Fod Tav Martin Alves/Bates John McCrorie Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass Morelos Murphy not good enough so far to cement a place. Cummings not played anywhere near enough to change our whole system for either. Goss another tidy player in possession who will turn powderpuff when games turn into scraps or tasked to defend for long periods.
  6. That literally makes no sense considering 3/4 of the people here think he’s a wanker too. Far more respect for guys like Novo, Kevin Thomson, Numan who weren’t even Rangers fans yet show their respect for us far more rather than when it suits like the more local ‘’diehard’’ Rangers men. Ally isn’t even in the same league as someone like Goram when it comes to not being a snidey turncoat yesman who’s only interested in himself. Folk also moaned not because he was paid, but because he never cared enough to at the very least take fair wages in our time of need, what a Rangers man.
  7. Not growing up watching him play and then judging him purely on the last few years it’s hard for me to believe he even played for us at all, he’s a total wanker along with most ex-Rangers nowadays.
  8. Wouldn’t get too full of praise until we see who the next manager is and who he is allowed to bring in. Even with Pedro we still brought in decent talent in Morelos, Dorrans, Candeias etc and look how that went, have a feeling there’s still some amount of pish to put up with from the board. All praise goes to Murty and the rest who haven’t caused total chaos this season IMO.
  9. Nailed on to be injured again in 2/3 weeks time.
  10. It never ceases to amaze me how much these cunts hurt because they grew up under Rangers dominance. Wish they put that much effort into looking at their own financials and history of shagging wanes and ruining their lives.
  11. Adidas or Nike is a must. Kits are far nicer and don’t look like cheap shite even if the designs can be lazy, not to mention the fact they might actually produce other merchandise that doesn’t look like a p5s art project.
  12. Tbh I don’t think playing either one makes much difference, both alright options but squad players at best.
  13. He literally tried to replace Scholes with a 30m Fellaini on the last day instead of Fabregas but somehow cunts think it wasn’t his fault they went to the shitter.
  14. It’s hard to be less charismatic than Murty but that’s about all Moyes could do better than Murty at us. See where he is in six months to a years time max when forms out the window and the new manager buzz is away, jobless again. hes also a wankstain of a human being and i’d be hoping he fell down the marble staircase everyday.
  15. He doesn’t blow his nose at all but he’s a right queerhawk cutting aboot Mexico with his old shorts man, wit the fuck wid Ye even begin to do that for
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