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  1. 19 hours ago, King_gazza said:

    According to the sun Juve have shown an interest in Tierney.

    Not only is there no quotes but the fact they said Everton have a budget of 18m makes it sound even more like nonsense.

    18m left to spend I'm assuming?

    They're a ballhair away from signing Malcolm who won't be cheap and these cunts are printing that

  2. In short massive, massive investment is needed, the defence is better but over-rated because of how bad the attack is.

    We still only have 2/3 players who have any right to be anywhere near a Rangers squad, Candeias, Tav, Morelos, Windass can shove their stats up their arse, we can find so much better.

    Gerrards downfall will be his faith in Tav, Morelos and Windass, if the league was half decent their stats would be absolutely fucking woeful and it wouldn't be up for debate.

    Unless we bring in serious quality we are still due several gubbings

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  3. 1 minute ago, Inigo said:

    This isn't the midfield people were expecting, though. It's minus about 5 people that will probably start ahead of the likes of Jack and Candeias.

    Coulibaly will be a decent signing and Arfield is a grafter, apart from that the midfield is a joke, you have to wonder how people still rate Jack and Candeias

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