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  1. @krissg910 never turned up to collect and pay for the ticket which we arranged. Ended up left with the ticket and now £28 out of pocket
  2. Scottish cup final last year
  3. Thanks to @Wee Bud for meeting as planned for the ticket swap.
  4. They still are mate. It's going to take us to go on full attack mode and some journalist with enough balls to bring it into the open before anything will change. It'll all come out eventually
  5. What supporters bus do you normally get over mate?
  6. For the first time in years me my dad and brother and going to the game together on Friday. Does anybody know if the ibrox suite bar will be open, as we are sitting in the sjr for the match and the old boys legs aren't the best.
  7. Where abouts in Hamilton do you's leave from mate?
  8. He was indeed we had a great night... numan was on the dance floor all night, he had a ball as did durrant and Tom Miller
  9. All we need to remember is for them and everybody else IT'S ALL ABOUT THE Rangers!!! They won that today but you can bet your life on it, all they will be talking about is us in some way or another. we really are the people!!! And it will make it all the better when the tide turns brothers
  10. When we get 55 mate seeing them kids enjoy what we have seen all our lives is going to make it even more enjoyable. (pardon the cheesiness) LET'S GO!!!
  11. This mate... my son is 5 and was crying after the semi final. I said son I was 10 before I seen the scum win the league! It will get better... he wiped his eyes and said dad we are the people, that made me feel 100 feet tall and when we get 55 I can't wait to see his face. It will be the ultimate party time
  12. I don't really hear any of the so called football programmes aired in Scotland as I live in N.I... sometimes on our bus back from the match when the music of culture, Civil and religious liberty's isn't been played ?? We would hear a wee bit and I would struggle to say there are any Rangers men on it.
  13. About time we started to fight back. Well done Rangers and here's to more of it.
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