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  1. At the moment NO Rangers have returned to the team of pre-lock down the team that were knocked out the cup by the worst Hertz team in decades and losing a week later at home to Hamilton, come 5pm on Saturday night Rangers could be sitting in 3rd place and if we don't beat Murderwell on Sunday will stay there for a week or two, we need a massive shake up and a change in attitude sadly I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  2. I t was worse than that BA the went furlough.
  3. The fat Jap will probably be feed up with them bringing it up at every AGM the taigs have had over the past half dozen years or so, he can now shift the blame for it failing onto the SFA and give the tarriers another reason to play the victims of they Orange/masonic cellic hating men that run the game in Scotland.
  4. If the post from Jambo's kickback is true it is now out there if what they say comes to pass it surely prove corruption is rife within Scottish football. I would say if what is on that post happens the police should be made become involved its out and out corruption, are the clubs who voted reconstruction down last week all of a sudden going to give up money to keep Doncaster and co. in a job the bheasts cant have that much control over all the SPFL teams.
  5. We started in June last year mate and that was after pre-season and a couple of friendlies there is absolutely no chance of european football this season.
  6. Its hard to believe Hertz voted to relegate themselves they may have agreed to the season ending but not relegate themselves costing them in the region of £3m which could sink them or at the very least cripple them for years to come.
  7. I think when you add in Dungcasters wages /expenses plus all the others like McLennan and the fat one they will be taking close on £1m in wages and expenses if not more for failing at their jobs, the knew from last summer Ladbrokes was pulling out thats nearly a year and still no league sponsor that alone should be a sacking offence, clubs are going to find out very soon just how much these clowns have f*cked up. If lock down stay till the end of the year which is more than likely Scottish football are going to be several clubs short.
  8. Front page of the Daily Rhebel tomorrow Peter Lieswell the man who saved Scottish football. Nothing surer.
  9. I hope that auld fanny Keevins keels over the same day the pubs reopen what a day that will be.
  10. Because they would rather play in a corrupt league than side with anything Rangers related their hatred is so deep they would rather go bust than be seen to be siding with us.
  11. Aye mate it would be interesting to see what would happen we may find out soon, on a side note we shouldn't have two footballing bodies anyhoo its rediculous.
  12. Don't know the rules bud but imo if a team or teams were to take their association to court I would imagine either or both EUFA and FIFA would become involved they take a very dim view of clubs going that far I would imagine they would step in before it got that far.
  13. Ex-St. Midden chairman Stewart Gilmuir already has a couple years ago also Stuart Milne said the same when he sold Abergreen. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/celtic-chief-peter-lawwell-runs-9647847
  14. Cant agree mate imo Rangers shouldn't take any.........why should we do these clubs a favour by selling tickets for them, 2000 tickets at £30 a pop is still a lot of money to these clubs. Rangers should inform them that we no longer require tickets for away games, the other clubs will still sell tickets to Rangers fans but let the have the expense and hassle of trying to punt thousands of tickets and if anything ever kicks off at a game Rangers can always turn round and say it has nothing to do with us we didn't issue any tickets, these clubs should realise we do them a massive favour by punting tickets for them, well again imo why should we they hate us.
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