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  1. It was called the Shinwell cup when I was at school.
  2. Loads coming out about the poor innocent Raffiq, poor little innocent my arse. text underage girls, anti semitic posts, bevvying then walks away with 200k. It was only for the money. Pay of a drug debt?
  3. Police should not be involved in pursuing a political agenda. It was aimed at us and the bheasts were raging when it was used against them. Why do you think it was revoked?
  4. Don't know how they work it. I got Livii and Hivs today. Livi was my first away.
  5. El D I would be vomiting if I got a smell of it 48 years later.
  6. That brings back memories. Airdrie away lost 4-3 apparently, I was on a heap on the terraccing. 15ish.
  7. Ojo left the pitch up into the stand goading Dundee hivs fans. Remember Halliday getting sent of at Morton in the centre circle, raised a clenched fist and sent off.
  8. Dingwall is a total ponce, living of the Blue pound.
  9. It wasn't a 20+ gap. We started on the same level.
  10. Don't need to use that term about one of our own?
  11. Once a Ranger always a Rangers. Keep believing.
  12. You don't hear it now with the stands. St Ants v Blantyre Vics about 20 years ago. Only knew we had scored via the radio.
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